School bans mobile games on campus and sees instant change in students

However much you hate to admit it, you know that the saying “back in my day, we used to do x” has passed through your head at least once. You don’t even have to be that mature to have experienced that culture shock with the younger kids of this generation. With the onslaught of technology, so much has changed in such little time.

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Based on how much people talk about it, one of the biggest changes is probably the way kids today spend their free time. Instead of learning and playing together, they’re stuck with their faces glued to the screens of their devices. Even as a shy, introverted kid myself, I can still say that going outside of the classroom to play and talk with my classmates was a norm I very much enjoyed.

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It looks like fully implementing the ‘no mobile devices’ rule in schools may bring back that norm. Joshua Caleb Hocson posted some pictures showing what happened when a couple of schools became stricter with the use of mobile phones. You can see the kids going outside, playing with each other, and even reading.

We talked to Joshua Hocson who explained that the photos are actually of two schools: Doane Christian Academy in Palompon, Leyte and Doane Baptist School in Isabel, Leyte. Hocson himself is the Pastor/Administrator of these two schools. He clarified that the rule itself is not actually new but was simply never fully enforced. DepEd has even issued orders that prohibits students from using electronic gadgets inside school premises.

However, it has always been difficult to implement these rules. Students often hide the devices or are asked by their parents to bring them in the first place, in case of emergencies. There are also numerous school activities that ask students to bring electronic gadgets.

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But when more and more teachers began complaining about students behaviors due to overuse of their mobile devices, the school administration knew they had to put more force behind the rule. Parents were also inquiring as to why their children’s grades started dropping. Since the reason was that students were spending more time on their gadgets than studies, the school administration knew what they had to do.

After strictly banning mobile games on campus, Hocson arrived one day to see this incredible change in the children.

He says:

One afternoon pag dating ko dun sa isang school naglalaro ang mga kids ng piko, jumping rope, chinese garter and others. Pati mga boys. And some yung mga connect 4 and board games. As well as more on tambay at usap na sila kesa tambay at kanya kanya harap sa cellphones.

And most of the time kasi wala na sila masyadong distraction they try to scan their books for review instead of opening their cellphones to play. Kaya according sa mga teachers it was a big help talaga, banning mobile games sa campus

[When I arrived one afternoon at the school the kids were playing hopscotch, jumping rope, Chinese garter, and others. Even the boys. And some were playing the connect-4 game and board games. As well as hanging around and talking with others instead of just hanging around and focusing only on their cellphones.

And most of the time, since they have no more distractions, they would try to scan their books for review instead of opening their cellphones to play. So according to the teachers, banning mobile games on campus was really big help.]

Since the initial post nearly two weeks ago, the positive effects continue to be sustained. It was so successful that Hocson shares they will be implementing this rule every school year from now on. He also hopes that this culture in school bleeds to the social and home lives of their students and that parents can help discipline the time students spend on mobile games, too.

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He shares that their school may be a simple one, but they “are dedicated and passionate in training these kids not just to have a brilliant mind but a big heart for the community.”

Do you think this rule should be implemented in all schools?