Say Whaaaat? There is a Cheese and Deli Fest Happening this Weekend!


Cheese and Deli go so well together. Seriously, they do. No matter what time of the day it is, a cheese and bacon sandwich will surely fire you up. But of course, we don’t just have a few number of cheeses in existence; same goes for deli. The wonderful world of cheese is sophisticated, complex, and one that will get you hooked once you start. When we heard that Eastwood Mall is having a Cheese and Deli Fest, I immediately jumped the gun, packed my bag, and hurriedly went to have a taste of cheesy paradise. Lactose intolerance be damned!

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As a part of Madrid Fusion 2017, the Deli and Cheese Fest truly takes you global. From local farm-to-fork products, to some of the more well-known brands when it comes to cheese products (Hello, Uncle Tetsu!), there’s a lot to choose from! I especially applaud Eastwood Mall’s partnership with the University of the Philippines – Los Baños for this initiative. It gives a nod to local talents and promotes what we really have to offer.

EastwoodCheese_5URLocally made kesong puti, pastillas, and espasol! My favorite? That lightly sweet espasol, surprisingly.

EastwoodCheese_6URYes, a dedicated stall for your beloved mozzarella sticks and more mozza-gooey goodness!

EastwoodCheese_2LRProbably my favorite merchant in the fest, Farm to Fork makes killer flavored milk! Oh, and their le-cheese flan is really good, too! Faintly sweet, creamy delicious!

EastwoodCheese_7LRUncle Tetsu! Need I say more?

And let’s not forget about the deli. These meat products are just fantastic! Smoky bacon, spicy chorizo, and a variety of sausages are the least of what to expect in this food fest.

EastwoodCheese_10LLI especially love the chorizo on the right! Vibrant, spicy, delicious!

EastwoodCheese_9LRThey also have pastrami!

EastwoodCheese_8ULTake. Them. Home. Now! Seriously, they’re good!

Of course, to finish off a wonderful cheese and deli course, wine is the perfect choice. This food fest has no shortage of wine options, that’s for sure.

EastwoodCheese_4LRClassic choices for everybody.

EastwoodCheese_3ULA little fizz, a touch of excitement. Sparkling wine, anybody?

It’s too bad that this Cheese and Deli Fest is but a short one as it will only open once more this Friday to Sunday, April 28 to 30. For fellow foodies, don’t you dare miss out on this paradise at Eastwood Mall made for you to explore and enjoy!

The Cheese and Deli Fest is part of Madrid Fusion 2017, held at Eastwood Mall!

Photos by: Paul Omer Bicol and Claire Chingkoe