Say ‘I Love You’ this Valentine’s with Elvy’s Floral Design

Say ‘I Love You’ this Valentine’s with Elvy’s Floral Design


With the month of love soon approaching, it’ll only take a few days before the aroma of fresh flowers begin filling the air. Ah yes, the popular February 14, a day when most couples would be looking forward to a date with their significant other.

Now, if you’re one of those gentlemen who plan to take their girlfriend out on Valentine’s day, make sure you don’t arrive at her place empty handed. Here are 5 reasons to say ‘I love you’ with the help of Elvy’s Floral Design:

Elvy's Floral Design


5. It’s always best to come prepared.

A girl will always appreciate the extra effort you’ve made when it comes to making her happy. Whether it’s a single rose or a bouquet of flowers, knowing that you’ve gone out of your way to pick up something for her, will definitely help set the mood for the night ahead.


Elvy's Floral Design


4. Save yourself the last-minute trouble by pre-ordering your bouquet.

Flowers sell like hotcakes during Valentine’s season, so it’s advised to put your reservations in advance. Not to worry though, Elvy’s Floral Design will be accepting pre-orders until February 10. Make an order soon because they’ll only accommodate a maximum of 200 orders for total deliveries in Metro Manila.


Elvy's Floral Design


3. Did you say chocolates AND flowers?

Chocolates and flowers are the Holy Grail when it comes to Valentine’s – you can never go wrong in giving one of each. That makes Elvy’s Floral Design one of the top picks when it comes to gift giving. They’ve a selection of Ferrero bouquets to choose from – which in my opinion, look absolutely beautiful and will leave a smile on any girl’s face.

The cost of a Ferrero bouquet ranges from P1,400 – 4,800. 


Elvy's Floral Design


2.The bouquets are customizable.

Elvy’s Floral Design understands that a girl can have certain preferences when it comes to flowers. This is why they give you the liberty of choosing what goes into your gift. Now, the only question is, should you go with the regular Valentine’s staple of red roses or will you choose your girlfriend’s favorite yellow tulips?


Elvy's Floral Design


1. Can’t make it this Valentine’s? Don’t worry, they deliver!

The bouquets are delivered for free (if the area is within Metro Manila) by the company’s own motorized courier, so you can be sure that your gift will be well taken cared of. Did I mention they ship nationwide as well?


Elvy's Floral Design


Valentine’s Day is a day meant to be spent with a special someone. On this year’s February 14, let’s Elvy’s Floral Design help you say ‘I love you’ by showing someone how much you care.


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Say ‘I Love You’ with Elvy’s Floral Design