Say Goodbye to Body Acne and Reveal Clearer Skin With This Natural Tea Tree Body Acne Gel

Is body acne ruining your style? We got your back! Say bye to body acne and reveal clearer skin with this natural Tea Tree Body Acne Gel and Tea Tree Body Cleanser!

Say Goodbye to Body Acne and Reveal Clearer Skin With This Natural Tea Tree Body Acne Gel


Body acne or “bacne” appears on the back and shoulders when our skin’s pores get clogged with oil and sweat. It can also be triggered by hormonal imbalance, stress, excessive sweating, harsh soaps and clothes detergents, and even friction from wearing tight outfits.

Maybe you’ve learned how to live with bacne by ignoring it or hiding it. Or maybe you’ve been looking for a cure-all for it. You might even have heard of this potent but gentle ingredient in the skincare world – Tea Tree – that’s great at treating acne and other skin concerns. But is Tea Tree all they say it is? Let’s find out!


Before you take out the leaves in your tea bags, you should know that tea tree oil used in skin care is pressed from the leaves of a native Australian tree, scientifically known as Melaleuca alternifolia. So leave the black, green, and oolong tea leaves for your tea-time refreshment with biscuits.

Tea tree oil has been used as traditional medicine by native Australians for centuries to treat coughs and colds or they apply it directly onto the skin. Today it is widely available and valued for its skin-clearing abilities.


Studies show that tea tree oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powerhouse. This is why it’s great for treating acne. It can help calm your skin when it acts up and at the same time help reduce the bacteria that causes acne.

If Tea Tree’s so great, then it should solve all our bumpy problems, right? Well, yes, it’s really effective, but results won’t come overnight. It does its magic slowly but surely and most importantly, won’t wreak havoc on your skin unlike the fast cures out there. 


There are other chemical counterparts that are just as effective in minimizing acne – like benzoyl peroxide. This synthetic treatment can seem to reduce blemishes and lickety-split, but it can dry and irritate the skin surrounding the pimple. What’s alarming is that it can form free radicals that can damage cells. 

So, would you rather go the harsh and hasty route with nasty chemicals, or the safe and sure route of tea tree to be acne-free?


Surely, we want to say buh-bye to body acne and hello to clearer skin all over without the harmful chemicals. So how do we take control of our skin before and especially when blemishes strike?

Human Nature, an award-winning maker of world-class, genuinely natural personal and home care products can help you glow up and have fresher, clearer skin. The brand’s natural 2-step body care regimen powered by Tea Tree smoothes your skin without irritation and harmful chemicals.

Say Goodbye to Body Acne and Reveal Clearer Skin With This Natural Tea Tree Body Acne Gel

  • Step 1

Cleanse with the refreshing goodness of our Tea Tree Body Cleanser (200ml for P189.75) for guaranteed cleansing that leaves your skin smoother and moisturized all over.

Based on a 7-day panel test, 9 of 10 users felt thoroughly clean and refreshed*

  • Step 2

After taking a shower, apply our Tea Tree Body Acne Gel (50g for P299.75) on problem areas as it effectively helps dry out body acne with antibacterial tea tree oil. It also aids in visibly reducing the bumps safely and naturally. 

Here’s what Line has to say, “The effect is visible on the third day. It has proven to dry up body acne.

You’ve heard about the wonders of Tea Tree and what others have said. Now, it’s your turn to start this 2-step routine to see the difference for yourself. Get ready to reveal clearer skin all over and #ShopGoodness now! 

Human Nature’s genuinely natural, pro-Philippines, pro-poor, and pro-environment products are available in branches nationwide, at our website, via dealers, retail partners like Robinsons Supermarket, The Marketplace, and Shopwise, and from Shopee and Lazada (COD Available).

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