Satisfy Your Burger Cravings With These Delicious Chorizo Patties

A burger may seem like a simple dish, but it requires the best ingredients and technique to make it delicious. With Tribé’s burger patties, you’ll surely get some great-tasting burgers. The best part about it? You can have them delivered right to your doorstep!

tribe burger

Photo from Tribé

According to one of the owners, Matt Navarro, Tribé started out as a dream to establish a small brick-and-mortar of their own. It is also their way of providing a livelihood for F&B workers who lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

tribe burger patty

Photo from Tribé

Like most businesses, there were initially some hurdles in establishing the brand. Since the country has been on lockdown, there were times when they would experience some inconveniences in delivery and daily coordination, but eventually, Tribé found its rhythm.

I was able to try Tribé’s chorizo burger patties and beef burger patties…and they were absolutely delicious.

chorizo burgers tribe

Chorizo Burger

When I tried the patties, I cooked it until it was medium rare (around 2 minutes on each side). According to Navarro, the chorizo burgers are best enjoyed with a runny egg because the egg yolk serves as the sauce. I tried it just like that, and it indeed enhanced the chorizo flavor of the patty. The chorizo burgers are tasty, and definitely different from the usual beef burger patties that we see in groceries.

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tribe beef burger patty

Beef Burger

On the other hand, the beef burgers are best enjoyed with some garlic aioli. If you don’t want to make some, though, you can also have it with ranch dressing or Japanese mayonnaise. It’s also suggested to top the patties with some arugula, caramelized onion, and bacon. I had mine with some Japanese mayonnaise and caramelized onion, and it was incredible. The flavors weren’t competing with each other, and it made the patty’s flavor stand out more.

tribe pastries

Photo from Tribé

Aside from burger patties, Tribé also sells some baked goods like banana bread and Cinnaknots. They’re best served warm with an iced cold drink of your choice (they recommend iced coffee). The pastries are delivered fresh and have a shelf life of 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator.

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The burgers can be delivered around Metro Manila, including some more parts around the metro. They have their own delivery service for this, and the delivery charge for this is based on the location. Their pastries can be delivered through couriers.

Tribé also offers recommendations on recipes on their social media. Try them out yourself to enjoy their delicious burger patties and baked goods!



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