Sassa Gurl and Kiray Celis Bare It All Through a Truth Reveal Slash Mukbang Party with Grab!

Want to try something new on GrabFood? Then this Indie Eats taste test is for you! 

Anyone who’s been around social media would be able to recognize Sassa Gurl. Famed for her hilarious TikTok videos and skits, our favorite Mima has garnered a large following that she calls her nakshies over the past year, always looking forward to her next viral content!

So what sort of craziness does it all lead to when we find her paired with one of the most recognizable actresses of the Goin’ Bulilit generation, Kiray Celis, under a lie detector test?

That’s exactly the pairing that GrabFood brought to life through the first episode of their mini-series Totoong Sarap for their Indie Eats program, which made Kiray and Sassa go through a delicious taste test – but as with all tests, there is a ~shocking~ catch: They had to share their honest reviews through a lie detector test.

And this isn’t your ordinary mukbang either! While watching Sassa and Kiray eat together is already entertaining in itself, what’s a truth reveal party without a bit of chikkahan? That’s right, in the inaugural episode of Totoong Sarap, Sassa and Kiray bare ALL – from judging local cafés to love life exposés.

BUT WHAT IS INDIE EATS? The program is an offering by GrabFood that gathers the country’s highest-rated and best-reviewed small and local businesses. With many local entrepreneurs certainly popping up here and there, Indie Eats is Grab’s way of voicing out their support for our small businesses – all while inviting people like you to try them out!

And to figure out if Indie Eats merchants’ high ratings are simply ALL HYPE or are truly ALL SARAP, Grab launched Totoong Sarap to prove just the latter, with the very first episode seeing Sassa Gurl and Kiray taste Indie Eats alongside answering their most personal questions yet.

Sassa Gurl went right in with a question about Kiray’s love life if she thinks that her current boyfriend is “the one”. With no hesitation, Kiray quickly answered yes. 

Screen Shot 2022 10 04 at 10.37.55 AM

Kiray retaliated with a question for Sassa if a celebrity had ever had a crush on her and she answered with a no. Well, the lie detector quickly buzzed to say it’s a lie. 

Screen Shot 2022 10 06 at 10.45.02 AM

After the quick chika, Kiray and Sassa Gurl went on a food trip starting with GrabFood Indie Eats. The first stop is Bistro Noval which is rated with 4.8 rating on the app. Kiray shared that she loves Kare-Kare and was tested if they think the food was ALL SARAP or ALL HYPE.    

Screen Shot 2022 10 04 at 10.37.04 AM

Both Kiray and Sassa Gurl answered with ALL SARAP for the kare-kare dish where the lie detector test flagged as the truth! 

“Dito sa indie eats nalalaman natin na ung mga di natin alam masarap pala at nagsusupport sila ng small businesses”, shared Kiray when she first tried Bistro Noval during the shoot. 

Another ALL SARAP Indie Eats that the two had tried are Los Churros, Katitay’s Takoyaki, and SipCode where the two immediately revealed as 100% delish! 

Screen Shot 2022 10 04 at 10.37.58 AM

While that’s a wrap on Totoong Sarap’s first episode, be sure to tune in as there is much more brutal honesty to come from Grab! Keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page as the second episode comes out this Friday, October 7; and the final episode coming out next Friday, October 14.

And while you’re watching Sassa Gurl and Kiray’s truth reveal, why not try out Indie Eats for yourselves, too? Just check out the Indie Eats tile on GrabFood to see the wide variety of small businesses and restaurants you can support in your area! Don’t forget to leave a review, too! #IndieEats