Sanosan: Your Newest Skin Care Partner for Bath Time

As a mom, it can be quite hard to keep your baby happy and healthy. While babies love to take a bath, bath time can become a love and hate relationship once they reach a certain age. It can be especially hard if you don’t choose the right skin care products for them during this time. Ideally, you should try and nourish your baby with special products that are specifically designed to keep your baby’s skin from drying out.

Well, we’ve discovered a brand that makes bath time fun – the kind that can get your baby clean from head to toe without irritating their eyes: Sanosan. Sanosan effectively makes every bath time a pleasant and safe bonding moment for you and your baby.

Sanosan 2

Sanosan is made in Germany under the Mann & Schröder cosmetic company which has a history of over 60 years of manufacturing and marketing of hair and body care products. They use natural and gentle products that aim to create suitable skin care solutions for babies, kids and mommies and all of their products only contain carefully chosen and predominantly natural ingredients. Plus, they are dermatologically and clinically tested and parabene-free – no sonde they are such a trusted brand worldwide!

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Thanks to the comprehensive series of care and high quality selection of revitalizing ingredients in their products, you don’t have to worry about irritations in any way. If you happen to pregnant at the moment, it can be a huge help in maintaining healthy and beautiful skin for mommies, too.

You will definitely feel the different when you touch your baby’s soft and gentle skin after bathing with Sanosan. Check them out today!

Sanosan Philippines

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