SandreaLee Salon: Hair Color Streaks as Loud as its LGBT Pride

I know what you’re thinking. Sure, many beauty parlors in this country are run by gays. But how many of them actually cater to the “third sex” and not just those beauty-conscious women we typically see in curlers? SandreaLee Salon breaks the stereotype by establishing its brand for all genders. In fact, it is a major sponsor and a staunch supporter of a group of lesbians, Shevoyz, whose members were once featured in a noontime show. Talk about the rainbow flag being held up high.


Apparently, no one leaves this salon without a great smile on his or her face, contented with the new look the stylists have carefully put together. Those #hairgoals I keep seeing on SandreaLee Salon’s official FB page are the stuff of my dreams—ombre, balayage, rebond, keratin treatment. You name it, SandreaLee Salon can do it, and with flying colors (pun intended).

Just a little bit of back story: SandreaLee Salon is the brainchild of lesbian couple named Sandrea and Lee. While Sandrea loves getting dolled up and having her hair colored, Lee, on the other hand, has a knack for the business aspect. Their unique team-up clicked with the clients and soon they started branching out to several cities in the Philippines. Their mission is to create a place that is far from being discriminating of people’s varying style preferences. In fact, they’ve hired lesbians and gays as part of their staff. Even their models have always been lesbians.

My Hair’s Traumatic Past

In my earnest wish to have a new look, I have tried to dye my hair twice before. The first one was done last year and the more recent happened just the first week of January. The results were unsatisfactory (not visible color on my black hair), or else I wouldn’t be here at SandreaLee’s seeking to have it colored “for real”. I know it seems damaging, but one look at the photos of successfully dyed hair at the salon was enough to convince me that the stylists will take care of my hair.


The Brave Decision

I’m dying to have a hair color like Hayley Williams’s (Paramore) and I know my parents will raise an eyebrow on this matter, but I have never been so bold enough to do it. I realized now is the time to make it happen. So I asked Ms. Gia Co, the branch owner/business partner, to do me a favor and dye just the bottom half of my hair red.

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The Process

After a brief assessment of my hair, which is the first step often overlooked by most salons, Sir Jes, the stylist, readied his apron to get down to work.


The process began with shampooing my hair with a clarifying shampoo. This helps wash out the hair’s oiliness in order for the strands to retain the color when dyed.


SandreaLee5Result after first wash-out bleach

SandreaLee6Result after second wash-out bleach

After shampooing, the stylist began blowdrying my hair in preparation for the application of the wash-out bleach. It took two applications in my case because it is the required procedure for reddish color.


Finally, after washing out the residues of the bleach, Jes and Melody applied the actual hair color. I don’t know what to name it because it was just concocted by Ms. Gia, but it’s a cross between red and pink. The color is so vibrant that I was already thinking then how my parents would react to its appearance once I get home *chuckles*.


Anyways, the coloring was followed by keratin application. They recommend keratin since it is better than hair spa when it comes to keeping the hair alive. Hair ironing followed suit in order to lock in the keratin through heat.

SandreaLee9Ms. Gia opted to have my hair curled for finishing touches using the curling iron.

The Finished Product


I can’t believe how “true to the color” my hair has transformed into. It’s like one minute I was sporting a badly-dyed black hair, and the next I have this vibrant color to crown my head. I’ve never been so satisfied with the result from any salon I’ve ever visited. It’s all thanks to the craftsmanship of SandreaLee’s stylists.

SandrealEE11Ms. Gia Co (center) flanked by SandreaLee QC’s stylists.

The whole process took five hours to complete. SandreaLee is currenty not offering a home service, just in case you’re thinking of having your hair done at the comforts of your own home. But, they do offer packages for weddings, debuts, and other occasions. Basic hair color rates start from Php 1,000-Php 2700, depending on length. As for fashion color, the rates range from Php 1,500-Php 3,500, with an option to add Olaplex, a new treatment that helps maintain the color on hair, as well as prevents hair breakage.

In case you don’t think my new hair color is worthy of being one of your “#hairgoals”—to which I say sorry—you can always check out the salon’s FB page and browse its photos of previous clients’ hair for inspiration.

SandreaLee Salon has grown from one flagship shop at Manila to four more branches in the country: Cavite, Baguio, Quezon City, and in Makati (to open on February). It’s practically expanding and reaching out to you so there’s no excuse for not paying them a visit. Make this year yours by going for a hair makeover that will have your friends talking about for weeks. I’m pretty sure mine will stay in the loop for some time.

SandreaLee Salon QC

Unit A 1427 E. Rodriguez SR, Quezon City
Mobile No.: 0922-408-5344
Facebook Account: SandreaLee Salon


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