SAMPAGUITA Ice Cream at ILUSTRADO Restaurant in Intramuros: A MUST TRY!

Sampaguita Ice Cream??

When In Manila, I’m sure you’ve heard about this pricey Magnum Ice Cream craze sweeping the nation. With this, I’d like to show and introduce you something  which you’ve been missing all this time which I believe is very much worth experiencing as well….

Inside Intramuros‘ walls lies a gem waiting to be discovered — the one and only SAMPAGUITA Ice Cream by  ILUSTRADO Restaurant! 

This ingenious idea was conceptualized by the creative people behind the famous Ilustrado Restaurant  in the aim to come up with a very different yet very Filipino dessert! They actually tried out various local fragrant local flowers during the process and it turned out that our national flower, the sampaguita tasted the best!

I got really really curious at first, but knowing it came from Ilustrado, then it must be really good!

The Ilustrado Restaurant is one of Manila’s most respected premiere restaurants which have been serving the public with top quality traditional Filipino-Spanish dishes for over 2 decades now. Personally for me, dining at  Ilustrado is a privilege! Hands down!

Last February, we featured their 6-course romantic dinner for Valentine’s DayIlustrado Restaurant is definitely one of the top restos on our list no wonder we really take the time to feature what the public should know of.


So how does the SAMPAGUITA Ice Cream taste like?

Luscious, creamy and soooooper fragrant that you’d find yourself at awe after the first spoonful! I remember saying, “OMG, this is really sampaguita!” Sensational! Definitely left an indelible imprint in my head!

My friend’s 4-yr old daughter Chin Chin loved it so much,  therefore making it a child-friendly dessert!


 You know it’s good when kids like it! 



 The Sampaguita Ice Cream is a certified hit!



The Filipino ingenuity never ceases! If the sampaguita is our national flower, then the Sampaguita Ice Cream at Ilustrado must then be called our national ice cream!


You really gotta try this out for yourself!! You’ll love it for sure!!



The Sampaguita Ice Cream at Ilustrado Restaurant— Highly recommend!



So when in Manila and planning to go on a foodtrip, be sure to visit Ilustrado Restaurant in Intramuros and experience this one of a kind heavenly dessert!!




Ilustrado Cafe and Restaurant

“Dining Excellence in the Walled City”

Mon -Sat 8am – 9pm

Sun 8am -6pm

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SAMPAGUITA Ice Cream at ILUSTRADO Restaurant in Intramuros: A MUST Try!

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