The Perfect Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner: A 6-Course Fine Dining Meal at ILUSTRADO Restaurant in Intramuros Manila!


When in Manila and thinking of that perfect Valentine’s date with your one true love, worry no more for we got something which will surely knock you off your feet!


Actions truly speak louder than words my friend. When you love someone, you will only think of what’s best for him/her right? So what should you do to make that lasting impression? How do you tell someone you  love them without words? Because Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, we believe it’s time for you to put in a little more effort and make sure your date will be a very memorable one. Allow us to help you with this!


 join us as we step into a world of fine dining excellence



With all the various Valentine ideas and promos being offered all over town these days, we still strongly suggest you stick with a really classic phenomenal romantic dinner! This time.. fine  formal dining style! Yeah! Nothing beats a very intimate candlelight dinner for two! Imagine being in a very intimate place..  with dimmed lighting, romantic instrumental tunes to put you in the mood….. a candle lit in front of you as you gaze at each other’s eyes while adoring a meticulously  prepared and artfully plated 6 course meal with only the finest choice ingredients that will surely take your breath away! If you wanna experience this my friend, there is  only 1 place to remember- The ILUSTRADO Restaurant located at the heart of Intramuros, Manila!



 744 Calle Real del Palacio




Ilustrado is the Spanish for “erudite,””learned,”or “enlightened one”


The name speaks for itself I believe, for you will surely feel enlightened and privileged after each fine dining visit! Step into“Old Manila” with  its astounding  Filipino Spanish ambiance! Oh and FYI, they have been in business for 23 years!! Impressive!
a place conducive for romance
23 yrs of countless memorable celebrations

our waiter Chris Jacob as he prepares our table



I won’t keep you guys waiting for I’m sure you’re all excited to see our photos!
Let’s check out what to expect on their special  6 course Valentine’s Day set menu at the promo price of only 2,500php (regular price is 4,000php)!



 So happy to share this special dinner with Frank! =)

*these beverages aren’t part of the dinner promo

Freshly Baked Carrot and Raisin Rolls

~ Straight from their very own bakery are these freshly baked creations complimented with a chilled swirl of butter and ultra smooth tasty liver pate!






Baked Half Shelled Aklan Oysters Trio: Parmigiano Reggiano and Garlic, Tomato and Basil, Champagne Cream and Caviar

~ Honestly, we died and resurrected countless times with each bite! That’s how great it was! Well known worldwide as an aphrodisiac, this will surely put you in the mood for a lot of lovin’ !


I loved the texture of the Parmigiano Reggiano and Garlic while Frank’s personal pick was the Tomato and Basil. The marriage of the caviar and champagne cream complimented each other very well! The best oysters I’ve tasted so far! Stimulating!



an absolute winner!



they will be serving you 4 of each for this special promo




Essence of Duck Consommé with Foie Gras and Wild Mushroom Ravioli

~ I believe having consomme for the soup was a fine choice! Consomme is clear soup made of  meat or vegetable stock. Light yet very flavorful!  I would describe the  Foie Gras (Duck Liver) and wild mushroom ravioli as very delicate and mild!






Raspberry Sherbet

~Just before the main course, we were served with this very refreshing treat!  Not too sweet, very fruity and light! Served at just about the perfect temperature! For those of you who aren’t familiar with sherbet, it is a frozen dessert made primarily of fruit juice, sugar, and water.

this is really perfect to help cleanse the palette in preparation for the main course





Their entrees each had their own unique personalities! Ambrosial… fit for the Gods!



King Prawns and U.S. Scallops with Asparagus Tartar, Soft Poached Quail Eggs and Cilantro-Soy infused Hollandaise

~ It was love at first sight… Looking at it was as delightful as the experience itself! Plated like a delicate piece of art! The prawns were tender and buttery. The scallops with a melt-in-your-mouth goodness and the Hollandaise so full flavored….. celestial!!

we were very impressed with the plating!



for the promo, you will get 1 prawn and 3 scallops each!





Wagyu Sirloin (center cut) with Sautéed Shiitake Mushrooms, Wilted Spinach and Marsala Au Jus

-I remember feeling giddy as I was serving Frank’s share on his plate. It was sooo tender  that I couldn’t wait to taste it myself! By the time it landed on my taste buds….. heavenly! The shiitake, wilted Spinach and Marsala  Au Jus (oh zhoo) were just done so perfectly! Awwww!

you each get 1  slice when you avail the promo






Australian Lamb Chops with Roasted Garlic, Whipped Potatoes and Brown Sauce Balsamico

~ I never thought Lamb Chops could be this  great! Zero aftertaste! It really left a lasting impression on me because  it totally changed all my previous unpleasant impressions about lamb chops. I’ve never had roasted garlic as creamy as this before. I adored the whipped potatoes as well due to its soft silky texture. It tasted sooo great that it has become my new standard when it comes to lamb chops! #1 on my list right now! Bravo!


for this one, you will only be served with 1 piece so be sure to share it with your date 








Baked Cheesecake with Fresh Strawberries dipped in Belgian Chocolate

~ rich, plush and dulcet cheesecake topped with strawberries dipped in smooth n’ creamy Belgian chocolate!


It was very nice of course however, I think having a bowl of only the choco dipped strawberries partnered with a sparkly, candied essence of a glass of red wine is romantic enough!








Valrhona Chocolate Tartelettes

~The high-grade luxury French Valrhona chocolate twirled on a buttery crumbly tartelette  that rests on a bed of luscious,  tangy  fruit jelly creates a symphony of flavors complimenting the other.







I believe we dined for 4 hours that time! That’s how we enjoyed the food so much! We had coffee and tea after dessert and went on discussing about that marvelous meal! The ambiance was just so perfect that we felt so relaxed! Frank and I have shared countless meals together yet each experience seems like anew because we always come up with new topics and ideas to share. The whole experience felt like watching a spectacular opera. Nothing beats great conversations over great food! Once again, Frank and I were at the right place and time. 




 Frank loving the consomme!



 I’m so glad I was able to make him smile that night! =)



having our share of the good life!





The whole experience was celestial that we could only say good things about the place and especially the food! I’m so proud and honored to know that there are still restaurants in Manila who value excellence!  With this, Ilustrado deserves a standing ovation! Barvisssssimo! 



This special meal regularly costs around 4,000 pesos but they are now offering it for only 2,500 pesos as a special Valentine promo! We believe this is a really good deal so you better reserve now!




So when in Manila,  keep in mind that there is only 1 place to remember when it comes to Romantic dining in style- ILUSTRADO Restaurant!






Ilustrado Cafe and Restaurant

“Dining Excellence in the Walled City”

Mon -Sat 8am – 9pm

Sun 8am -6pm

be sure to join them on Facebook!





To avail of their  special Valentine’s Day Promo click this link!!!




To win your very own 6 Course Romantic Dinner Date at Ilustrado,  visit EATS-A-DATE to join!








The Perfect Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner: A  6-Course  Fine Dining Meal at ILUSTRADO Restaurant in Intramuros Manila!





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