We Got to Experience the Latest Formulation of Shell FuelSave, and Talagang ‘Sulit Ang Bawat Trip’

For 110 years now, Shell has been enriching Filipinos’ everyday journeys, and they are now taking things a notch higher with their latest formulation of Shell FuelSave formulation, which we recently got to experience at a fun, one-of-a-kind community road treat as part of 110 other road warriors.

Shell FuelSave Start

We drove our Geely all the way to Clark International Speedway in Pampanga on March 18, 2024, which served as the starting point of our journey.

From there, they put numbers and flags on our cars, and then the drive began!

Shell FuelSave Kacy

Photo from Kacy Chua

We topped up our Geely (with Shell FuelSave, of course!) and then our odometers were checked before we drove a total of 116 km from Clark all the way to Shell SLEX.

(By the way, did you know that there’s a Shell Café there where you can get coffee, iced tea, and more? It’s the perfect hangout spot when you need a break from a long drive!)

Shell FuelSave Gas

Photo by Kacy Chua

To be honest, we weren’t expecting to drive for that long but we really find that long drives help us clear our heads, so we really appreciated this time to not only test what Shell FuelSave has to offer but to also just let loose a little bit while also belting out our favorite tunes at the top of our lungs.

At the end of our ride, our Geely was once again topped up to calculate their exact mileage. The verdict? Shell FuelSave really did use up less gas on our drive! We were literally so amazed (and still are!) by how little the fuel gauge reading actually moved. It didn’t move a single bar.

In fact, we have been driving since the event last week and we still have ¾ of our gas which normally would not be the case.

…and it wasn’t just us. Every vehicle in the caravan from vans from the early 2000s to compact sedans and hatchbacks to new pickups and SUVs registered impressive mileage! Will definitely be fueling up with Shell FuelSave from now on.

Talagang Sulit ang Bawat Trip with Shell FuelSave – Here’s Why

Shell FuelSave protects your car’s engine.

Shell FuelSave is all about fuel economy. Vanessa Ejercito, Brand Manager of Shell FuelSave, shares that the latest Shell FuelSave formulation “protects old, new, and hybrid engines for 4-wheel and 2-wheel engines for Diesel and gas.”

Shell FuelSave can help you save up to 1 liter per full tank.

The latest Shell FuelSave now gives you better fuel economy that helps you save up to 1 Liter per full tank, or helps you last up to 19km longer, so you can drive further.

Shell FuelSave has been tried and tested.

In case you don’t trust our review, Shell Fuels scientist Tina Jia offered insights as to why Shell fuel research is an unrelenting process. “We need to continuously evolve our fuel formulations  because engine technology is evolving,” Tina explains. “Modern engines work under harsher conditions at higher temperatures under higher loads.” 

What’s more, there’s a Shell FuelSave promo going on right now!

Shell FuelSave Promo

Poster from Shell

From May 6 to June 2, 2024, SULIT ANG BAWAT TRIP whenever you fill up at Shell because you get a FREE 1.5L Coke for a minimum spend. Perfect for your summer getaways.

Now, you can look forward to savings every time you gas up, thanks to the new and improved Shell FuelSave. For more details on the new and improved Shell FuelSave, click here.