Why Sammy’s Restaurant is Terrific for Intimate Gatherings

Most Filipino families and friends nowadays bond over food. They usually go to malls to find something they like to eat. Some people, however, get tired of the same food over time, so they try looking for new food hangouts or restaurants on social media.


Sammy’s Restaurant offers quite a unique mix of Asian and European cuisine. Located in Cainta, Rizal, the look and vibes of the restaurant are creatively remarkable.

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With a rustic theme, the signage, bicycle wheel clocks, the bulbs and pipes artwork were made by Chef Sammy himself. The large tempered glass windows will give you an earthy feeling as the green trees, plants and wide sky outside can all be seen. It also gives the restaurant natural light during the daytime. It definitely made me feel at home because we have plants, as well.

The dining area can only hold 20 persons, so you need to reserve a spot. The same goes for pre-ordering their tasting menu. Here is the 4-course meal that we tried:

Tasting Menu (P1300 per head)


Veggie Rolls

From one of their Malaysia food finds, each roll consists of jicama (singkamas), cucumber, chalots, crispy egg, ground peanuts, shinga-ling, and black bean sauce. It’s soft outside but crunchy inside. This is one of my favorites because it has the right amounts of saltiness and sweetness. I will never get tired of nibbling on this. I am also amazed by the presentation; the black bean sauce is brushed onto the plate and each of the assorted ingredients inside the roll can be recognized.


Red Snappers with Potato Scales

From a friend in France, this chow is one-of-a-kind. The potato, equally and thinly cut into a round shaped, is crispy. It is placed on top of soft and meaty red snappers (maya-maya). Although Chef Sammy fries the potato scales, I could not taste the oil, which I really like. With the orange sauce, rosemary and butter, it is moderately sweet. This goes really well with rice. Also, since you can’t easily see the fish, this food is a surprise for kids and adults who don’t eat fish at all.


Three-and-a-half-hour Pork Belly

This is roasted for 3.5 hours. My first impression was that it’s lechon or roasted pig. The memorable part of eating this is the super crunchy thick skin of the pig. I love it! It requires slow chewing, though. The softness of the meat is just right, and the cauliflower puree is creamy and yummy. I only ate one slice of it, though, because I got fed up by the oil I tasted within the meat.


Lava Cake

First impression: it reminds me of choco crinkles.  The crust is soft but firm, so no crumbs will fall out. With white powder or icy sugar and strawberry sauce, this chocolate lava cake is satisfying because of the special thick chocolate filling inside it. It is served warm, and the warmness is given extra substance through the Lindt chocolate filling oozing out as you eat it.

The warm filling gives off a homey feeling and made me want more. I had never tasted Lindt chocolate before. It is slightly sweet and slightly bitter, which is a new flavor of chocolate on my tongue.


Hot Tabrilla Chocolate, P65

Famous in Bicol, Chef Sammy’s signature Tabrilla drink is mildly sweet with no bitter tabrilla particles. He manages to completely dissolve the hard tabrilla, which I find surprising since the bitter particles always remain when we cook it at home. Their hot chocolate is good for all adults, especially those who don’t have a sweet tooth. It’s also the perfect time to sip on some local hot chocolate now that the cold rainy days are among us.


Banana Bread French Toast, P140

Unexpectedly, Mrs. Dorothy insisted on offering something else, as well: their famous banana bread. The genius that is Chef Sammy got the idea of combining classic banana bread and French toast. Dipped in honey, his version is soft and tasty. Also, it’s made of pure bananas. There’s a bit crunchiness on the edges of the bread, as well, giving it a rare pleasant texture.

Another unique aspect of this is the icy sugar sprinkled on top of the bread. Because there some white powder will probably fall onto your plate, you can swipe your bread on it. Boom! It’s delicious. There is a little sweetness from the cream and butter that will quickly melt in your mouth.

All of the food is also served with white wine.


Chef Sammy, also known as the Singing Chef, also graced our afternoon by beautifully singing “See You Again”. The second and last song was a harmonious duet with his wife titled “You Are the Reason”.


“Sammy’s Restaurant guarantees that guests will have a good experience not only for the pleasing food and music, but also the warm welcome and relationship we give,” shares Mrs. Dorothy.

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Whether you love to sing or not, Sammy’s Restaurant is a must-visit!

Sammy’s Restaurant

Breakfast: 7AM to 11:30AM (Tuesdays – Sundays)

Dinner: 7PM to 10:30PM (Tuesdays – Saturdays)

14 Raspberry Bend Street Valley View Executive Subdivision Ph, 3, Cainta, Rizal


Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/SammyTheSingingChef

Instagram: @sammy.restaurant