Salvatore Cuomo Serves One of the Best Pizzas EVER and That’s Not the Best Part

Written by Sabrina Basilio

It has been around a year since the premium and authentic taste of Naples, Italy was first brought to Metro Manila through Japanese celebrity chef Salvator Cuomo and his passionate love for Napoli pizza.

Seated at the edge of BGC’s newest dining stripSalvatore Cuomo Resto & Bar is now holding an anniversary speciale nothing short of magnifico meraviglioso delizioso e così via—as expected! Between 11 AM and 3 PM, for as low as P600, you can enjoy everything your stomach can take from a wide range of Italian appetizer, fresh salad, drinks, and of course, pizza!  

We ourselves had the privilege of partaking in this almost-too-generous Italian feast, including the famous 4-cheese pizza, Quatro Formaggi! BUT before we get to that part, here are yet a few more things you can expect when you finally indulge that craving for authentic Neapolitan cuisine:

Salvatore Cuomo A

A relaxed and casual dining experience afforded to you by the ample space, the modern but elegant furniture, and the classic neutrality of black against white—from the coasters to the art pieces to the pipes wreathing up the ceiling.

Since it opened at 11 AM, Salvatore Cuomo did not stop buzzing with busy business people eagerly waiting to be hushed by their plates. Who wouldn’t, knowing those plates could be brimmed with these delectables?



Salvatore Cuomo-29


Beyond the aroma of the buffet table and the visual charm of the fully-open kitchen foregrounding it,  Salvatore Cuomo also prides itself in a lovely wood fired oven shipped all the way from Naples, Italy.



Both ingredients and the wood composite used are imported and work hand-in-hand to give Salvatore Cuomo’s pizzas their rich flavor and unique texture.

They also have a full bar gleaming with expensive red wine, exciting cocktail mixes, and a fine selection of Japanese sake and whiskey for meal-enders.


The question then was is if the main course would fulfill the delightful Italian experience the ambience and the welcoming staff promised. The answer is that it should never be asked again. Everything served from fish to pasta to dessert can bring you to a state of flavor frenzy, wanting more and then almost feeling bad for it.

Ours began with the Pan Fried Salmon drizzled with Mediterranean Sauce, and then the crispier juicier slow-cooked pork called the “Porchetta.”


The Spaghetti with Clams and Zucchini do not need anything fancy, not even the usual cheese, sauce, or scallions–but the noodles are a right mix of zesty and salty from end to end.


The homemade lasagna is a layer upon layer of soft buttery goodness with the ground meat tasting more and more seasoned with every bite. With each spoonful, you get a ridiculously rich blend of onions, tomatoes, and crunchy Parmesan cheese crust to die for.


NOW, if you still need a few final nudges before giving in to the Napoli craze like we did, here’s what will maybe finally help you make up your mind:

In Japan and perhaps all of Asia, Salvatore Cuomo is the one and only Pizza guru, which means every slice that lands on a plate was made with utmost care, baked and seasoned the way it is done in Cuomo’s hometown in Italy.


Just like in Naples, the pizza is not crispy but soft in the center, thin-crusted, and light without all the excessive toppings and grease. You actually have to fold it to eat it.

The World Champion signature pizza is the Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) made purely with tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella, and ingredients all imported from Italy. But our favorite was the beautifully charred Quatro Formaggi pizza, made with 4 different kinds of cheese and trickling with honey that gives it a sweet but strong finish.

That said, YES, we heard the sweet-toothed and we tried out as much dessert as we could! Unfortunately, the stomach can only take so much.


From the selection we tasted, the tiramisu stood out the most. It even came with an order of pistachio gelato.

The Amaretto Panna Cotta with Fresh Mango Sauce is best if you’re looking for something light and fresh, while the Pistachio Cannoli combines the textures of its crunchy shell and the silky smooth cream inside it.  The Warm Chocolate Souffle was served with vanilla gelato best poured into the delicious molten ganache within.

So there you have it, an authentic Italian dining experience combined with an excellent bar, excellent service, excellent pizza, and an excellent location.
Is it just me or is it almost too good to be true?

Ground Floor, Uptown Parade
9th Avenue Corner
38th Street, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City

Contact them: 946-3072


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