Marching the Uptown Parade: 12 Lip-Smacking Restaurants You Should Try NOW!

Co-written with Keith Carandang

As you’ve noticed, our country is emerging as we see new buildings rising, as well as, restaurants opening hand over fist. And when we say, “emerging” and “restaurants” there’s only one place I can think of: Uptown Bonifacio.

Uptown Bonifacio, which houses the upscale malls such as Uptown Mall and the newest dining strip Uptown Parade, offers a wide variety of choices to suit all kinds of lifestyles. More than just a “party place,” Uptown Parade offers a widely diverse taste of chef-driven and first-time restaurants in the PH food chains.

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I know you’re excited to know what to expect in this fab place, so, without further ado, let us take you on a gastronomic adventure at Uptown Parade.

Marching the Uptown Parade: 12 Lip-Smacking Restaurants You Should Try NOW!

1. Uma – Uma

Uma Uma is a promising restaurant that offers authentic and MSG-free Japanese dishes. Of course, when in Uma Uma, you must try their signature dish: Uma Uma Ramen.

Uma Uma Uptown Parade 3

This is a bit spicy, though, as it has spicy miso and is filled with chasiu, black fungus, egg, and sprinkled with lots of spring onions. You may also try their Mazesoba, Uma Uma’s dry ramen. The texture is similar to the class stir-fried noodles, but with lots of flavors ready to explode in your mouth. And last but not least, try my personal favorite, Aligue Dry Ramen with Crab Cakes, Ebi, and Tamago.

2. Sweet Ecstasy

Sweet Ecstasy is the brainchild of Al, the head chef/owner of Sweet Ecstasy.

Cheese lovers, unite. This is their Grilled Cheese Cheeseburger.

Sweet Ecstacy Uptown Parade 7

Their items such as stuffed chicken wings, pickle fries, among others, are diverse and one-of-a-kind. In the words of Al, “I don’t care what you’re used to. It doesn’t have to be that way. What we care about is what makes YOU happy.” Well said, Sir! You made us all happy with the food you served us!

3. Naxional

Naxional is a South American Diner that you can’t miss at Uptown Parade. Aside from their enticing and bold interior designs, their dishes are equally delectable. When I got the chance to speak to the beautiful Chef/Owner Cynthia Patos, I asked: “Why did you spell National with an X?” She happily said: “Naxional is spelled with an “x” because we represent the 10 countries of South America: Venezuela (which she represents), Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, to name a few.”

Naxional Uptown Parade 8

On deck is Gaucho steak, Brazillian Sausage, corn, and black beans rice. If you’re up for some Mexican food, try their Fish Tacos. Lastly, wrap up your meal with their Cuban-inspired dessert: Tarte Tentacion (tart temptation).

 4. Gorda

Gorda, a Spanish word for a fat girl or woman, is a family-owned business ready to showcase their Fil-Mex inspired meals to everyone. Their rustic and hip vibe makes you feel at home.

Gorda Uptown Parade 2

Gorda’s serving is generous. Apart from Nachos, their Lechon Tacos is the BOMB! It’s extremely delicious! And please don’t leave Gorda without trying their refreshing Horchata! They can either serve it as a cocktail or without alcohol.

5. Livestock Restaurant & Bar

Livestock Restaurant & Bar serves pleasurable pork dishes. Soft, chewy, and flavorful dish! This serving is perfect for a viand or “pulutan.”

Livestock Uptown Parade

Essentially, Crispy Pata is one of the Filipino’s all-time favorite dishes. Therefore, this is Livestock’s bestseller! Their Crispy Pata is served soft you could cut it with a Popsicle stick! Not to mention, their Pork Belly is an emerging dish and their version is a must-try. Soft and juicy meat, yet skin is crunchy! Surprisingly, Livestock Bar & Restaurant was packed on a weekday!

6. Denny’s

The retro feels are real at Denny’s!

The yellow couches, the bright neon signs, and the friendly staff sure make this first timer feel right at home in the PH. The Riverdale feels makes the experience, even more, fun! All your breakfast needs are met with their variety of pancake sets like the Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancake Plate, which is sure to fill you up.


If you want something a little heartier, their burgers are a fun way to go! The Spicy Sriracha Burger could really wake your senses up enough for another day. Moreover, our Pinoy affinity for rice is no problem at Denny’s because rice complements really well with their Cajun Shrimp that tastes SO GOOD!

7. Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

The first time I tried their food was during Toyota Motor Philippines’ Anniversary. That was the day they launched to the public the new Vios. Having said that, if you are looking for a place to hold your business meetings or product launches, this resto & bar gives you a taste for the finer things in life, with its rustic yet classic interior showcasing their unique open kitchen. While you’re at it, their Quatro Formaggi pizza is a sweet plate to share with your co-workers while pitching ideas.

Uptown BGC 44

The honey sauces topping the 4 kinds of cheese really complement each other and renews your love for pizza! You may also enjoy the Spaghetti Alle Vongole con Zucchini e Pomodorini. Tasty and tangy spaghetti really goes well with its clam toppings and the different herbs and spices. Porchetta, on the other hand, is homemade roasted pork with herbs that smell heavenly and will surely make you full.

Salvatore Cuomo also offers up a bar if you want to make lunch a little more interesting too.

8. Namoo House by Maple Tree House

In the mood for Korean? Don’t just go to any other food place that calls itself Korean. Head over to Namoo House where they’re so legit, they even flew in actual Maple tree trunks all the way from Korea!


Staying true to the authenticity, their delicious galbitang, kimchi, and Namoo house salad go great with their Marinated Boneless Short Ribs and Special Jumbo Beef Ribs Soup.

This resto is definitive proof that you don’t need to go far to experience authentic Korean cuisine!

9. Char Dining

From Korea to Singapore’sfavoritee Char Siew.

This cute and casual resto is simple but their food is extraordinary. The meticulous way they choose their meat (the specific meat needs to have 5 layers- skin, fat, meat, fat, meat) to make their Crispy Roast Pork Belly with Chili Oil and Special Chili is just the beginning. Their specialty Char Siew manages to wow everyone with its melt-in-your-mouth savory meat!

Char Uptown

10. Pampas Latino Bar & Resto

Moving on from Asia right on to South America! This bar serves up all time- favorite South American dishes with their one-of-a-kind dimsum style Appetizer Trolley where you can choose freshly prepared appetizers such as their Crispy Tacos, Chipotle Meatballs, Freshly Shucked Oysters, The Argentinian favorite, Onion Fugazetta, and much more.

Uptown BGC 18

Careful to leave room for the main course and dessert too! Pampas makes the finesse and social environment work with its mix of steaks and dishes that go best with their selection of fine wine from Chile and Argentina.

11. Palate

A young and creative entrepreneur, Chef Kaye Torres, owns this upscale French Mediterranean restaurant.

Palate Uptown

This brilliant dessert is called Frozen Crème Brulee, and it’s truly mesmerizing. Chef Kaye’s Chicken Roulade and Seafood Risotto are a must-try too. Chef Kaye’s dishes are interpretations of her extensive training in New York and Paris. She mixes and highlights local ingredients with international ingredients to create a palatable menu you will never forget!

12. Hook by Todd English

Fans of Todd English rejoice with this spin-off bar of Todd English Food Hall.

Uptown BGC 23

This raw bar would be a fun place to unwind and relax after a long day.

This raw bar would be a fun place to unwind and relax after a long day. The unique dishes from celebrity chef and restaurateur would really excite anybody’s taste buds! “Hook” is definitely a must not just for Todd English fans, but for anyone who wants quality food over good drinks!

So if anybody tells you that there’s nothing more than clubs and parties at Uptown Bonifacio, bring them over to Uptown Parade and march them through these 12 remarkable restaurants and more!

There’s a little something for everyone’s taste buds, so you’ll have no trouble deciding where to go. Tell your friends and family, that at Uptown Parade, everybody’s tummies are satisfied.

Still hungry? Click this link. But be careful not to drool on your laptops or mobile phones.


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