Salisi Gang Members Caught Red-Handed in Starbucks Greenhills

It always pays to be vigilant. Nowadays, snatchers and holduppers would do almost anything to take your cellphone or other belongings. Most often than not, you wouldn’t even realize it was lost ’till it’s too late. Luckily for this guy, he paid close attention to suspicious customers without being rude.

Max Tiu shares his story below.

Salisi Gang


On top of the tons of things I need to finish today, an “adventure” had to creep in my toxic schedule!

I was having a meeting in Starbucks Theatre Mall Greenhills, when a team of “Salisi Gang” victimized me. I saw two of the criminals, but there could have been more of them for all I know.

Thinking that the last two tables (near the rest room) would be the safest spot where I can put my things while I talk to my clients, I eagerly reserved them. Soon my clients arrived and took their seats in front of my left side table.

As I was having my meeting, people were constantly texting and calling so I had to leave my Samsung S5 on my right side table for easy access, along with my food & drink. By the way, the right side table is a little bit lower in height than my left side table where my laptop is. In other words, from where they are, my clients can’t see what is on my right side table.

Towards the end of the meeting, I noticed a man standing in front of our table, waiting for his turn in the rest room. In a few minutes, he sat down on the ottoman in front of my right side table. I started to get suspicious. Then, a lady also stepped in line, apparently waiting for her turn in the rest room, blocking the view of my right side table from the other patrons. All this time, as I was conversing with my clients, my peripheral view was on my cellphone & the two suspicious characters.

The thoughts running through my mind at that point: “Should I or should I not remove my cellphone from the table? Safer if I do… but wouldn’t I be offending the poor guy seated on the ottoman? Like I’m suspecting him of something bad when in fact he’s just waiting to go the rest room?” Being the polite person that I am (or stupid) I decided to just discreetly keep an eye on my belongings.

True enough, in just a few minutes, when I turned to check on my cellphone… it was GONE… with the man quickly making his way to the front door! So I immediately excused myself from my clients, and ran after him! I caught up with him and grabbed his arm. As I confronted him, he discreetly passed my cellphone to his female accomplice, which was witnessed by a concerned citizen. This good Samaritan then grabbed the lady accomplice, as we asked for help from the nearby security personnel.

Salisi gangs have been active for many many years now, so we just have to be very careful with our belongings!

Enclosed are the photos of the criminals Alfredo Soliman Clemente & Joy Santos Sakcro. Pls. share / pass, so that people will be aware of them.

P.S. I am filing a case against them.
P.P.S. Thank you so much to the good Samaritan, Mr. Anthony Olfato, who helped me apprehend the female criminal!

As the holidays roll in, it wouldn’t hurt to be extra careful with your belongings. However, make sure to do it discreetly as to not come out as being rude to someone who wasn’t really doing anything wrong. I have to commend Max for the way he handled the situation.

What do you guys think of this story?

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