Run, Bike, and Dance at Trikini: An Urban Fitness Party!

Summer is often deemed as the perfect season to get into the active lifestyle, but why wait for summer when you can get active and fit in any season–right in the heart of the city? The rainy season nor the city’s daily buzz should not hinder you from having fun and achieving your fitness goals. Besides, that’s what Trikini is here for!

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Trikini 18

The unpredictable weather did not stop Trikini from kicking off last August 19th, 2017 at McKinley West Park, BGC, Taguig. Trikini is an urban fitness party that highlights enjoying the urban outdoors, no matter the season.

With the words “run, bike, and party” in mind, the event went off with an incredible start!

Trikini 5

Attendees participated in the Active Zone, which hosted a 5K fun run and 15K bike race. Top finishers received prizes and tokens from ON Shoes and Colnago while cash prizes were donated to S.O.S Children’s Villages Philippines, the beneficiary of the said event.

Trikini 2

Trikini 10

Trikini is the first of its kind to raise donations for the benefit of S.O.S Children’s Villages Philippines. For fifty years, the organization has been providing healthcare, housing, and education to underprivileged children and families in the Philippines. The S.O.S. Youth performed a special dance number in Trikini as a token of appreciation to attendees.

Trikini 11

The winners for the friendly 5K run and 15K bike race were:


  1. Samuel Montero
  2. Ralph Becker
  3. Ralph Angeles


  1. Phoebe Quimio
  2. Michelle Ann Rosimo
  3. Rosalyn Molinas


  1. Custer Sadornas
  2. Alex Paguirigan
  3. Age Escarte

After all the tiring physical activities, festival goers got their party fix from a number of exciting activities, including fire dancing, poi spinning, and hoop workshops, which paved the way for the highly anticipated performance from Extrapolation. SinoSiKat and Sanya Smith were scheduled to perform, but due to uncontrollable weather conditions, organizers ended the event early with the safety of the participants in mind. As guests waited for the rain to stop, attendees were able to mingle and make friends in the venue. Silver linings, am I right?

Trikini 7

What’s important is for the attendees to have a great time, despite the unexpected downpour. In the end, the event came out successful as they ran, biked, and partied for a worthy cause!