Rufo’s Tapa: Fine Affordable Pinoy Comfort Food Anytime Anywhere

 Rufo’s Tapa!



Rufo’s Tapa—–Whenever I’m craving for good old Pinoy comfort food when in Manila, there’s only 1 name which comes to my mind… and that would be Rufo’s Tapa!



A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting them when I did a feature about Rufo’s Tapa for one of the Sooo Pinoy Search for the Ultimate Pinoy Food Blogger challenges. I was sooo fortunate that the universe led me to them for their owner, Sir Paul Reyes was so kind and very supportive so today,   I’d like to tell you more about their dishes which I always always crave for!



For this special feature, I’ve invited some dear friends of mine.  Fortuantely, Charlie’s husband Alex, who is also a fellow musician, arrived from Hong Kong that day, so bringing them along at Rufo’s Tapa was perfect since he’s been craving for Pinoy comfort food for a long time now!



 meet princess Chin Chin, Alex and Charlie



Rufo’s Tapa has been around since 1984 and is growing even more and more because of the dedicated people behind it. Like in all the carefully selected spots which I feature, I can only say good things about Rufo’s Tapa. I can say that this place would be one of closest to me because literally, their store at the Pearl Plaza at Pearl Drive in Pasig is just a few steps away from my office! So each time I’m craving for Pinoy comfort food, I can easily drop by their place!!



There is more to Rufo’s Tapa  than just their irresistibly mouthwatering “sausy” tapsilogs. They got a whole array of mouthwatering rice meals which will surely blow you away…. Today, my mission is to show you the must haves and my personal picks!

Let’s all start with their Crispy Danggit (89php) which I really adore! I love it so because they are all perfectly deep fried to perfection! The dried fish isn’t too salty and the serving size is just right! Dip it in vinegar and voila!!  Heaven in each crunchy bite!! I usually crave for this when it’s raining…. It reminds me of those times when classes were suspended due to typhoons so mom and I would cook danggit and fried rice early in the morning! It’s also the best most perfectly prepared danggit meal as compared with its other competitors!



Rufo’s Tapa‘s Crispy Danggit surely has this primordial effect on me




Boneless Bangus (109php) -Since I’m a lover of seafood, of course the Boneless Bangus at Rufo’s Tapa will always be on my list of favorites! Like their danggit, it is also cooked to perfection. The “atchara” compliments this meal so well!



 Rufo’s Tapa‘s Boneless Bangus



You can’t go wrong with their Liempo (130php)! A whole slab of this full-flavored  tender yummy specially marinated pork belly will keep you pumped up in any ordinary stressful day! Since it’s grilled, less guilt as well!






Rufo’s Tapa‘s  Pork Humba (89php) is definitely another personal pick of mine! A taste of something truly Visayan right at your table! Love love love! The crunchy nuts gave it that nice texture! The sauce tastes very authentic!




the Pork Humba of  Rufo’s Tapa— highly recommend!

 No matter how busy my day gets, I  always find time to enjoy their Pork Humba!



They also got a treat for your little ones! The Rufo’s Spaghetti Bola-bola (59php)  holds this very Pinoy flavor which locals will surely find so tasty and satisfying….



  topped with bola- bola!




 For the ultimate test, we asked little Chin Chin to be the judge!!

the verdict: APPROVED!!




Rufo’s Tapa also offers a variety of very Filipino sweet treats for that delightful finale…..


 The delectable delights of Rufo’s Tapa

Creamy Fruit Fiesta (35php) , Black Sambo (35php) and Leche Flan (39php)




 Chin Chin loving the Leche Flan at Rufo’s Tapa




Hanging out after work? Here’s an insider tip: The Pork Sisig (140php) at Rufo’s Tapa is so affordable and tastes very much like the expensive Sisigs at your regular bars! So if you want delicious affordable Sisig, remember Rufo’s Tapa!!! The price of their beers are also very affordable! Another good thing about it is that, their stores are very safe and the ambiance is very cozy without any noisy house music making Rufo’s Tapa  an ideal place to really bond with your friends!



 the 140 peso satisfying Pork Sisig only at Rufo’s Tapa



 have it your way!



mix mix mix!!







So privileged to finally meet the very dedicated man behind Rufo’s Tapa – Sir Paul Reyes!!!



So what do I love most about Rufo’s Tapa? Aside from the food, is a  firm belief in this vision which I also personally support… It’s about having pride on even the simplest of our very own dishes. About appreciating and recognizing our roots. It’s about bringing all the flavors of the islands right here in Manila for everyone to savor… A celebration of our very own heritage which can be done  anytime as we please! Thanks to Rufo’s Tapa, these Filipino culinary treasures are made available to us 24/7!

 So whenever craving for good old-fashioned Pinoy comfort foods when in Manila, always remember Rufo’s Tapa!!!

Rufo’s Tapa

Pearl Plaza, Pear Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

contact numbers: 633.26.49 and 475.44.02


Rufo’s Tapa: Fine Affordable Pinoy Comfort Food Anytime Anywhere

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