Rue Bourbon: Bringing Together Great Food and Great (Flavored!) Booze



When in Manila, check out Rue Bourbon’s mouth-watering New Orleans-inspired menu and enjoy the best of both worlds: good food and good times!


 Rue Bourbon Set Our Drink on Fire


Rue Bourbon at the Fort

More popularly known for their signature flavored beers and specialty cocktails, who knew Rue Bourbon also whips up some killer grub to go with your booze? We recently sampled their seafood-happy treats and are all for their savory flavor and hefty servings!



Rue Bourbon’s Big Ass Caramel Beer – The mug is bigger than my face!


Rue Bourbon Cocktails


Nachos, check! Chicken Wings, check! Amazingly tasty seafood dishes, check! Rue Bourbon brings together a fusion of your staple booze session eats with a touch of Creole-style cooking which makes a most-fitting cure for those alcohol-induced munchies; perfect for setting the pace of a steady night of drinking with friends. Take your pick from our favorite flavored beers: Caramel, Cucumber, and Roasted Hazelnut, or try their Chocolate Factory cocktail (a personal favorite!)


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