#RP612fic Trends Again on Twitter: Top Stories Shared by Filipinos

For those unaware, #RP612fic is a Twitter event where Filipino authors and creative minds come together through Twitter with the alternative history stories or fictions. It was started back in 2009 by Filipino writer Paolo Chikiamo of RocketKapre.com. It takes place every Independence Day and has become a venue for various authors to share their creativity and alternate story lines.

This year,  a lot of Twitter users had numerous stories to tell, but Jose Rizal’s stories were in the lead.
RP612fic Rizal Siri (mikacurioso)
RP612fic Rizal Late (SiKuyaJobert) RP612fic Rizal Talk Dirty To Me (naiveity)
RP612fic Rizal Babygirl (MiriamBanat) RP612fic Rizal Legal Wife (Jatesanity) RP612fic Rizal FB status (Jomskywalker) RP612fic Rizal Check In (Patriciacabigas)

But of course, besides the many Rizal fictions, here are some other tweets shared by other Filipinos to depict their own alternate history

RP612fic How to Get Away with Murder (dearestdaryl)

RP612fic Elias and Ibarra Map (lucasfletchers)

RP612fic Magellan (Maeannee_) RP612fic McArthur LaBoracay (MiriamBanat) RP612fic Uber (nicherautomatic)

RP612fic Amorsolo Ariel (renzcarpina)

RP612fic Mabinaenae (Magic 89.9)


RP612fic Malansang Isda (EmilioDFilipino)

RP612fic Edsa Traffic (Ohlistic)  RP612fic Bonifacio Madlang People (leifyyy)  RP612fic Melchora Aquino (jomskywalker)


What do you guys think of this? Got YOUR own alternate history to share?

Do post them so we can also read them and alter history with you!