RoyalTea: Here’s Where to Get Your Newest Cream Cheese Milk Tea Fix!

Words by Clarissa Li
Photos and graphics by Zoie Sy

Right now, boba is all I live for. And, at this point, I’m pretty sure you’ve all gotten addicted to boba at one point or another as well. Right? But as much as I love boba, it’s always nice and refreshing to try new places and new twists to the drink. That said, I always keep an eye out for new places in town.

Well, I would like to introduce you to my current favorite milk tea place: RoyalTea!

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royaltea 2

Here, you no longer have to fear repeating the drinks you try. Not only do they have an extremely wide range of options, but they also brew their teas fresh in store every single day! Take one whiff of their drinks, and you’ll immediately feel transported to the birthplace of boba tea—Taiwan!

It’s a whole new magical place, and as soon as you step into the shop, you’ll definitely get hit with the fragrant smell of fresh brewing tea leaves. (I can’t even explain how much I want to ask them for a candle version of the smell of the shop. It’s too good.) What’s more, their staff is the warmest, most wholesome people you’ll ever meet. (Plus points for the ambiance! It’s super cozy and comfortable, perfect for after school hohols!)

royaltea thread 1

If you get bored and tired of drinks, I’m so excited to inform you about how wide the selection is. Try their signature Cheezo series (we suggest Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Cheezo!). The soft and creamy cheese works wonders to enhance the flavors of their unique tea brews. There’s no doubt that these really deserve their spot on Royaltea’s best selling list! Not up for cheese? Why not try their fresh Fruit Tea? We suggest Strawberry Boom! You won’t need to settle for artificial flavors, because these have fresh bits of fruit and fresh green tea to tickle your taste buds. Or why not try both? You definitely won’t regret it!

royaltea thread 2

Moreover, their fruits are always fresh (no artificial flavorings). Take one sip of their Avocado Cheezo Smoothie, and you’re in paradise. These are so creamy and fresh that you’ll forget that it’s healthy. And if you’re a brown sugar pearl fan, they have milk so delicious it might even beat fresh Hokkaido milk!

royaltea 1

Also catch Royaltea’s Milktea Madness Room at The Dessert Museum at S’Maison, Pasay which opened last February. Your boba-tea crazy friends and family will surely have a great time!


112 Sto. Domingo Ave. QC
67 Washington San Juan City
W.H. Taft Tower (DLSU)

Contact number: (02) 888 8888