Experience Camping While Eating Curry Only at This Japanese Restaurant!

Words by: Clariz Mendoza
Photos by: Mae Pascual

Tokyo’s well-loved curry place, CAMP Curry, is now serving its scrumptious meals here in Manila! With over 30 sites around the globe, this new restaurant will now be your next go-to place for your Japanese cuisine cravings in the city.

The Campsite

CAMP Curry originated in a Tokyo neighborhood called Yoyogi. It started out as a small business that eventually grew because of the fresh and unique taste the camp offers. Now, the camp has finally built a site here in the Philippines!

The whole restaurant has a homey campsite feeling to it— the wooden tables, the colorful banderitas hanging above the restaurant, the walls are painted with pictures of towering trees, and the view of your food being freshly made right in front of you. It’s surely a pleasant place to bond with family and friends while enjoying great food.

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Creating your own curry has never been easy. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

The Curry

STEP #1: Choose your Curry

Here at CAMP Curry, you have the freedom of choosing which type of curry you want for your platter. In addition, it will be served in a separate container so it will be up to you whether you want to sprinkle it, pour it over your rice, or just dip in it. The Camp has five variants of curry—Original Brown Keema, Green Vengeful Curry, Japanese Curry, Cheesy Curry Series, and Super Spicy Curry.

STEP #2: Choose your Mains

Have you ever tried curry salmon? If not, then let me you that it tastes amazing! You can pick which meat you want to partner with your curry (and salmon is one of them)! Select from chicken, sausage, pork belly, beef, shrimp and salmon. Yum!

All of these are partnered up with nutritious chunky vegetables.

STEP #3: Add ons

If you’re famished and still want to add a little extra on your platter, Camp Curry will not disappoint you. Add some fried egg, buttered corn, spicy nuts or yakimeshi on the side! Your tummy will thank you for this tasty treat!

Other must0trys:

Mango Lassi

What is a lassi? To be honest, I had no idea what it was so I had to search it up on Google. Turns out it’s an Indian drink made up of yogurt, water, spices and, in this case, mango! I ordered this one since it’s one of their best sellers and wow, it was delicious! It has a think consistency with a mixture of sourness and sweetness taste. Look’s like milk teas now have a legit contender…

CAMP S’mores Special

What’s a camp without s’mores? This special s’mores is served hot with a twist of matcha ice cream at the top. The sweetness of this dessert comes from the sticky toasted marshmallow, graham biscuits, and chocolate syrup. Nevertheless, the matcha ice cream balances the flavors making the s’mores not too sweet. A perfect way to end your camping experience.

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Come and visit CAMP Curry for a memorable meal!

CAMP Curry

Address: 2nd Level, Phase 2 Ayala Malls Manila Bay
Facebook: www.facebook.com/campcurryphilippines
Instagram: @campcurryphilippines


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