6 Kinds of Banana Cake? Benings Kitchen Has That and More for the Sweet Tooth in You!

Written by: Clariz Mendoza
Photos courtesy of Benings Kitchen

When it comes to bread, I think that we can all agree that banana bread is god tier. Banana bread is simply the best!

Benings Kitchen is best known for their extraordinary banana loaves. At Benings Kitchen, it is always guaranteed that their products are always fresh and made from the finest ingredients. This then, makes their banana loaves some of the most unique and tastiest in the business.

Banana Choco Overload (Php 150)

Imagine combining 3 of the best things in the world (banana, chocolate, and nuts) and mixing them all together. It is no doubt that this will result in one of the best tasting foods. The Banana Choco Overload is another well-loved variety of banana loaf of Benings Kitchen. Its overflowing toppings— chocolate chip, walnut, and cashew–will blend perfectly with the taste of the banana. Perfect to pair with vanilla ice cream or hot coffee.

Also available in Banana Choco Overload with Cream Cheese Filling (Php 170)

Banana Loaf with Cream Cheese filling (Php 170)

Benings Kitchen has a special take on the classic banana loaf everyone loves. Made with only the freshest and tastiest ingredients, this banana loaf is a delight in every bite. Topped with cashew and walnut, this classic dessert loaded with banana flavor and delicious cream cheese filling will definitely be your next favorite dessert! 

Also available in: Banana Overload (Php 150)

Banana Cupcakes (Php 210 per box)

If you’re looking for a more bite-sized banana cake variety, then Benings Kitchen has got you covered with their banana cupcakes. Like the banana loaves, these are made with only the best ingredients. This is made from fresh bananas, sprinkled with sliced almonds, a dash of raisins, and filled with cream cheese goodness.

Banana Loaf  made with Stevia sugar (Php 160)

Benings Kitchen also offers a healthier kind of banana loaf for the health buffs out there. The banana loaf made with stevia sugar is the best option for people who loves to eat sweets but are conscious about their health. Stevia sugar is a kind of sweetener that contains zero calories (without compromising the taste). Now, you can enjoy every bite of this delicious bread guilt-free!

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Other best sellers of Benings Kitchen!

 Tipsy Jar (Php 170)

These chocolate chunks don’t only look good but taste superb as well. It’s made with moist dark chocolate chunks that make a rich taste. Then, it’s coated with chocolate pudding, rich chocolate ganache, and chocolate liqueur. The perfect dessert for all the chocolate lovers out there! This comes in a 3.5-inch jar which is good for sharing for 2 people–or just you, tbh.

Keto Burnt Cheesecake (Php 350)

This cheesecake is the ultimate low carb dessert. It is keto friendly so you won’t have to worry about your diet. Perfect for all cheesecake lovers out there! It is placed in a round 6” x 2” tin can. It is also available in another variety—Keto Burnt Cheesecake with homemade Blueberry filling for Php 370.

Benings Kitchen will require at least 2 days of notice for small orders and at least 1-2 weeks notice for bulk orders (souvenirs or events)

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