Rodolfo Gan Holds Second Solo Exhibit with “Prism II”

World-renowned artist Rodolfo Gan opens his talent in painting in his second solo art exhibition. Prism 2 is a collection of 11 paintings that explore cubism and geometrism.

Airbrush is Gan’s signature method for his square abstract paintings, which feature pure geometric lines and forms.

“I am inspired by the works of the local masters, like Fernando Zobel, Lee Aguinaldo, and Roberto Chabet, who is considered the father of conceptual art here,” said Gan, who graduated from the University of Sto. Tomas with a degree in Fine Arts, major in Advertising.

Geometric abstraction is an art style that uses shapes based on simple geometry. These shapes include straight lines, circles, squares and rectangles. This style often makes use of bold colors but Gan’s works are unique in that he uses earth tones.

Chabet was actually the one who encouraged and inspired Gan to be an artist while the latter was a teacher at UST.

As a young artist in the 1970s, Gan won a number of local and national art competitions. He also exhibited his works at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and had his first solo exhibit at the Luz Gallery in 1972.

That year, Gan was named one of the CCP Thirteen Artists. Throughout the 70s, he was an active artist who took part in exhibitions here and abroad, most notable of which was representing the Philippines in the 7th Paris Biennale and the ASEAN collection exhibitions in Israel, Jakarta and Hong Kong.

The family’s printing business became a priority for Gan after a while but he came back in 2014 with Prism.

“Geometric abstractions were considered avant-garde in the 1970s but now, they are now well appreciated by art lovers,” said Gan.

The artist describes his works as “timeless and dynamic, critical and introspective, but always forward-looking,” reflecting on the traditions of Modernism.

“A person can look at a this [pointing to Vestiges of Time] and relate to it as representative of a period in his or her life. My paintings hope to challenge the person looking at it to look at them the way he or she chooses to.”

His exhibit will be up until February 11, 2019 at the Upstairs Gallery of Finale Art File, La Fuerza Compound, Makati City.

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