Rick Price in Manila: 4 Nuggets of Wisdom from the “Heaven Knows” Singer

Words by Aira Mae Parado
Photos by Jezreel Colangoy

It’s not every day that I get to talk to celebrities like iconic singer Rick Price, and when I do, I always think they will say something very inspiring. With Rick, I wasn’t wrong.

I remember a quote I read somewhere, “an artist exudes vitality; a spiritual person exudes peace.” Rick Price is both. He is a man of vitality and peace. I think we can tell that from merely listening to his song, Heaven Knows.

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Here are some of his wise words I cannot resist sharing with all of you. I hope you find them inspiring.

4. “We have to learn to let go of the things we love.”

“That song [Heaven Knows] is not just about heartbreak. It starts with heartbreak, but the message is much better than that. The message of faith, this is, I have to let go of what’s not mine. I can’t own another person. But you know, the great secret is that you can keep loving that person. You know, we can love someone with detachment. We can keep loving them and it’s not as painful. It’s great freedom.”

3. “Heartbreak isn’t a bad thing.”

“Heartache never happened to me like that again. I had breakups after that, and they were never the same. I never went to that same depth because I didn’t have to say to myself, “oh, it’s the end of the world.” It’s just the end of that relationship–well, not the end of the relationship, but the end of me being with that person.”

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2. “It’s best to do what you love.”

“When you are, as a human being, doing what you love, you’re shining as bright as you can shine at that moment.

When I see young people coming in the music business, it’s always the ones that are really enthusiastic, that have a great love for music, and a great connection with it; they seem to be the ones that do well. And that’s because they’re passionate about what they’re doing. Their success is self-generated because they’re inspired about what they do. And that is why I say to people, “I wanna be around you.”

1. “True happiness isn’t holding on to things and keeping possession of those things.”

“You gotta keep coming back to the present moment. That’s the real thing. If we’re attached to things we don’t have, we’re only killing our own power. That’s what I say to my son. And he tells me too; he reminds me, “hi, don’t forget to let go.”

Rick Price is such a great man. Heaven Knows is such a great song. And these are such great things to ponder upon. Oh, I’m overusing the word ‘great’, but here is another great way to spend your Valentine’s!

Catch him live this Friday, February 15, 2019, at the New Frontier Theater. He will be performing with Filipino singers, Joey G., and Jinky Vidal. Tickets are available via TicketNet.com.ph or 911-5555.

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