Rica Peralejo Explains to Curious Moms Why She Chose to Undergo Unmedicated Home Birth

Ever since actress Rica Peralejo announced that she gave birth to her second son at home without medication, many Pinoy moms have flocked to her Instagram post asking questions and sharing their thoughts regarding the procedure.

In light of this, Rica dedicated another Instagram post to explain why she decided to undergo a natural home birth and why she thinks it’s more beneficial to her health.

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She began by saying that her goal from the beginning was to give vaginal birth to her next child after she had a cesarean with her firstborn. She also shared that she wanted to do it at home because she didn’t like the feeling of being at the hospital.

She consulted her OB-GYN who was a “VBAC” (vaginal birth after cesarean) supporter, her doula (a non-medical birth companion), and her immunologist (who helps her manage her suspected APAS, or antiphospholipid antibody syndrome) about her desires. She was told that it was possible, as long as she was fit and healthy to do so, and that there will be no complications nearing birth.

She spent time to educate herself on the risks of both home and hospital births, of being medicated during birth, and of undergoing a cesarean operation again. She said that after her research and knowing what she wants and doesn’t want for herself and her baby, she made her final decision.

However, she stressed the importance of all moms to do their own research and consult their own doctors before doing the same thing she did.

(Actress Rica Peralejo Gives Natural, Unmedicated Birth to Second Son)

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“If you plan to do vbac, or homebirth, or hospital birth, NEVER GO INTO IT WITHOUT BEING INFORMED OF ALL THE RISKS AND YOUR CHOICES,” she said. “Also, do not go without getting the best healthcare providers. Hindi pwedeng magisa lang gawin ang ganitong mga bagay, lalo na sa dami ng information out there (You cannot do this kind of thing alone, especially when there is so much information out there). Make sure someone guides you through it all and for me, that was my ob gyn, doula, and midwife. All reputable and can be trusted. I listened to all of what they have to say and made my own mind about the matter. It wasn’t done in haste and ignorance.”

She also recommended films, documentary series, and books for all those who wanted to know more about the procedure.

“Do your own research for the kind of birth that you want and I pray God will bless you with great answers!” she added.

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