Actress Rica Peralejo Gives Natural, Unmedicated Birth to Second Son

Actress Rica Peralejo just gave birth to her second son at home after a grueling 25 hours of labor without medication.

“And so after 25 hours, this boy is finally out. I cannot wait to tell you all our birth story,” Rica began in her Instagram post revealing her newborn baby for the first time.


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“Let me just say that it was a miracle to actually do homebirth, vbac (vaginal birth after caesarian), and to remain completely unmedicated all throughout the labor,” she said. “So many times I wanted to quit… but somehow strength came to my bones and body.”

She also shared a photo of her and her husband Joseph Bonifacio cradling their baby. “How can I not shed tears if it had to take five years, 38 weeks of praying God will sustain him, 25 hours of labor before I can finally have this boy?” she gushed. “His papa, kuya, and I, have longed for him deeply.”

She commended her birthing team which she said she “carefully chose” to assist her in her natural homebirth. “Truly, if we want something supernatural, we must understand that it cannot be done alone,” she added.


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She also thanked her friends and family for their prayers during her entire pregnancy. “To all who have been praying with us since We began this journey, I thank you. From a fearful time to a victorious birth, can you imagine??? In those 25 hours his heart rate stayed completely perfect. Never went down. God protected my child through and through. He created AND sustained him. And i believe this is His promise to this child for all the rest of his life.”

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Rica and her husband have been married since 2010. They welcomed their first child, Philip, in 2014.

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