Restock Curiosities: A Hub of Coffee and Art Hidden in the Suburbs of Makati

Situated in a quiet neighborhood in Makati is a coffee shop called Restock Curiosities. It’s quite difficult to look for because there are no other establishments around the store, but once you see it, you’ll know that it’s The One. Restock Curiosities is an all-black, square building with colorful graffiti on the side. Siguro kasali nalang sa charm yung hahanapin pa, says Jackie Bailon, the owner of Restock. This is what the other side looks like.

Restock Curiosities 1

Once you step inside Restock Curiosities, you will find coffee, food, music and of course, art. Jackie says that the interiors are simply a reflection of her personal aesthetic, and she wants the coffee shop to have a warm, industrial feel. It gives way to one unique feature of the coffee shop: the interiors can constantly be changed!

Restock Curiosities 2

Restock Curiosities 3

There are certain themes for the wall since Jackie wants the art to be evolving. The interiors have only been changed three times since Restock opened in 2014: first, there were sunsets; next, there was calligraphy; and now, 700 Portraits by Elyoo is up.

Restock Curiosities 4

Restock is one of the few coffee shops that houses specialty coffee. In 2014, Jackie partnered with Jonathan Choi, the owner of Magnum Opus, to have a more extensive offering for Restock’s food and beverages. I was able to try some of their bestsellers and I promise that it won’t disappoint! The prices are pretty reasonable considering the serving size. My friend Emma and I went in with empty stomachs, and we could barely walk afterwards because we were so full.

Restock Curiosities 5

Was too excited to take a sip, look at that mess!

Restock Curiosities 6

Margherita pizzadilla, P250

Restock Curiosities 7

Peking style pizzadilla, P300

Restock Curiosities 8

S’mores pizzadilla, P250

Aside from food, another unique thing about the cafe is that they sell all of their art, most of which are made by local artists. You will find yourself submerged in art here, and I’m pretty sure your Instagram feed will thank you.

Restock Curiosities 9

Restock Curiosities 10

Restock Curiosities 11

Restock Curiosities 12

If you want to take a break from the busy and buzzing cafes, Restock is the perfect place to hang out in, whether you’re alone or with a couple of friends. It’s like being inside a box of good vibes!

* Credits to Emma Tuyak for taking some of the photos.

Restock Curiosities

Mon-Sun (10AM to 10PM)

7635 Guijo Street, Makati City, Philippines

Contact No.: +63917 663 1011

@restockph / #RestockCuriosities


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