Magnum Opus Fine Coffees: Brewing Works of Art with Single Origin Specialty Coffee

When In Manila, we all know that there are a large number of coffee shops in the metro. Everywhere we look, they are jam-packed with corporate people having meetings, students who are studying, friends who are catching up, and some people who are just having coffee while reading a book. I personally go to these coffee shops if I need to hang out somewhere before meeting up with friends or actually meet them there and have a conversation.

I think what’s weird about it is that I don’t go there because of the coffee. It’s weird because they ARE coffee shops and people should go there for coffee they can’t find elsewhere (or that’s just me?). I usually order a frappe since I usually drop by coffee shops in broad daylight, which is the farthest I’ve gone from my typical 3-in-1 instant coffee every day before going to work.  I haven’t found a coffee shop that I will go to on a normal day because I feel like I want to have a sip of their coffee. 

With this thought in mind,my friend suddenly mentioned about this coffee shop at Paranaque called Magnum Opus Fine Coffees that serves good coffee, as he said. He asked me if I wanted to go there. I live in Batangas City but I was going to stay Makati on Monday so I said, “Why not? I guess there’s no harm in trying. I just hope it’s worth the travel.”

So come last Tuesday, I dropped by at Magnum Opus Fine Coffees together with my friend and his girlfriend to try some of their coffee offerings.

magnum opus fine coffees building facadeSpot Magnum Opus Fine Coffees!

magnum opus fine coffees facadeMagnum Opus Fine Coffees facade

 When we entered the coffee shop, the very first thing I liked about Magnum Opus Fine Coffees was the interiors that was just the right size: not too small, not too big.  Magnum Opus Fine Coffees also have a great line-up of songs on their playlist!

I got to talk to Jon (owner of Magnum Opus Fine Coffees / coffee connoisseur extraordinaire)  and asked why he named it Magnum Opus Coffee Gallery. He said because Magnum Opus means “great work” and they treat every brewing of a coffee drink as making a masterpiece. 

magnum opus fine coffees interiorInteriors at Magnum Opus Fine Coffees

When I read the menu of Magnum Opus Fine Coffees, I was like “Nothing looks and sounds familiar except the latte, cappucino, and double ristretto. Looks like I’m in for a treat.” 

magnum opus fine coffees menu 2Magnum Opus Fine Coffees menu

I also liked the other menu with a more detailed description of the offerings. The writing on the framed glass was quirky and cute!

magnum opus fine coffees menuMore detailed descriptions about the Magnum Opus Fine Coffees offerings