Reserve Gastro Tavern’s New On The Menu: Asian-European Flavors For Your Next Bar Chow

We love coming back to Reserve Gastro Tavern, one of the must-try gastropubs in Burgos Circle, BGC!

For a nightcap with friends after work, or when you’re just looking for some great food to chow on while you’re in the area, Reserve is definitely the place to be, with its modern interiors and hot music at night!


We’re a fan of Reserve’s chic and understatedly elegant interiors: their plush seats and chandeliers are all class, complemented by the wooden tables to offset it with a more laidback vibe, giving it that modern pub look.


Just imagine kicking it with a couple of cold draft beers over conversations with your friends here, and you’re set to have a great night. But what even makes it more worth the next visit is the mouthwatering new items on the menu that is sure to please your gastronomic desires.

Introducing a fusion of European and Asian flavors in generous servings of elevated bar chow is executive chef Rainier Barbers: the same mind behind the mind-blowing food of Tipsy Pig! So you know from the get-go that you’re bound to enjoy some pretty exotic flavors and quality fare.

Here are just some of the new dishes on the menu that you have to try on your next visit to Reserve!


Korean Tex Mex Bulgogi Nachos

White nachos with cheesy beef sauce, Korean bulgogi, cheese, some shredded greens

A definite crowd-pleaser, and a must-have on your table when you’re out with friends. Apart from the generous servings, you can never have too much cheese, and the bulgogi nachos indulges you in this — cheesy beef sauce with melted cheese. I also liked that the bulgogi was cut into shreds so there’s a more even distribution of the beef. The white nachos were also firm enough to hold everything in place, so you can make sure that you get every ingredient in one bite.



Grilled Salmon With Teriyaki Sauce

Grilled salmon steak, glazed with teriyaki sauce, served with Japanese rice.

One of our other favorites for the night, the grilled salmon was cooked to perfection, tender and moist with just a hint of smokiness. For those on an empty stomach, sink your teeth into a bed of soft, fragrant Japanese rice to go with this.



N.Y.O.G. (Not Your Ordinary Gambas)

This seafood special is given a kick with full-flavored sausages, special gambas sauce and some cumin chips. We like how there is a definite Asian flavor in this dish, Enjoy this gambas’ spiced-up flavor with a couple of Reserve’s draft beers.


Reserve Short Ribs

Beef Short Rib With Kimchi Fried Rice

Fall-off-the-bone tender and flavorful, this beef short rib was braised and grilled for 6 hours, so it’s really no wonder. The smoky-sweet sauce that comes with the ribs pairs well with the flavor of the kimchi rice. A hungry guy’s go-to meal!



USDA Beef Tenderloin in Thai Garlic Soy

East meets west in this hearty dish, with the thick and juicy tenderloin cooked to a perfect medium, with the right pink inside. We like how the thai garlic soy gives the steak a zest in flavor, while the banana’s on top add a contrast to taste with its sweetness.



Malteasers Ice Cream

There was no better way to cap off the night than with this seriously satisfying ice cream — the lengua de gato’s mildly sweet, buttery taste pairs well with the ice cream, which has that rich, milky chocolate flavor, thanks to the malteasers. The ice cream was thick and creamy, perfect for dipping those lengua de gato sticks in.



Happy hour at Reserve is from 4 to 7 PM, so expect a great crowd and some pretty fresh music, and have these fresh cocktails while you’re at it too!


Reserve Tropic, Reserve Old Fashioned, Sailor’s Mojito

Of course, one does not go to Reserve without trying their specialty cocktails, which has something for everyone. The sweet, rich taste of whiskey, even more enhanced by the caramelized sugar and topped off with rosemary for that depth in flavor shows Chef Rainier’s penchant for nuances in taste. For those wanting something a little light and fruity, the Reserve Tropic offers that refreshing taste, with fresh lychee and watermelon added to the drink. And of course, the Sailor’s Mojito is always a classic.


Reserve Gastro Tavern

(02) 832-9897

Burgos Circle, Forbestown Center, BGC, Taguig City

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