Res Toe Run: Various Shoes for Various Lifestyles

When in Manila, we have a lot of events planned out for the week, the question is, do we have the right shoes for each event? I used to think I needed to go to different shops around the mall to get the right shoe that would fit each lifestyle. But did you know that Res Toe Run has the perfect shoe for each one of you? If you didn’t, then you better check it out now.

Back then, I though Res Toe Run only sold basketball and running shoes, only later on did I realize what a wide variety of footwear they had. They have all types of footwear for all kinds of people. No doubt you’d find one you’d love the moment you walk in.


Res_Toe_Run_Shoe_Shop_01Just some of the awesome shoes you can find at Res Toe Run


Normally, I’d put on a pair of flip flops or flats, today however, I tried putting on some wedges from Kickers. ..and WOW! Those were the softest damn wedges I’ve ever put on! It was like wearing a pair of bedroom slippers with heels. The Kickers wedges were extremely comfortable. Moreover, they were also very fashionable and unique.


Res_Toe_Run_Shoe_Shop_02I loved the pattern. The design, including the buckle is made of cloth. Super comfortable.


The Kickers wedges also look very Filipino don’t you think? The abaca pattern on the heel is not something I’d usually go for, but the Kickers wedge really pulled it off. I wouldn’t suggest you to wear these in the rainy season though.




The rubber sole underneath also provides the right amount of friction to make these wedges safe to use for slippery surfaces. What amazed me was that despite using it for the entire day, I didn’t feel any strain on my feet. The shoes provide the right amount of cushioning to make my feet happy! I never knew Kickers had shoes like this, and I’m glad to have discovered that Res Toe Run actually carries them.



Who would’ve thought that the most comfortable wedges I would ever use weren’t in high end ladies’ shoe shops but in Res Toe Run. Besides Kickers, they also carry other brands, one of my favorites which is FitFlops. So drop by the nearest Res Toe Run branch and you might just find the shoes you’ve been looking for.


For more information on Res Toe Run and their branches,

visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/ResToeRunOfficial


Res Toe Run: Various Shoes for Various Lifestyles