FitFlops – have a trendy workout!

When in manila, we meet, we chat, and we walk. Here in manila we often just stroll around, it may be in the mall, at the park or somewhere else. We are most of the time at the mall on our free time.  So we put on the most comfortable and fashionable clothes and get the best shoes or slippers that we have so we can last long to our day long stroll wherever! But then, which one should we consider as best? 


I believe that in everything that we buy for our body, it’s our shoes that we really should invest on, why? Because it will bring us to places! Places that will amaze us, places that will shock us, and places that will always be a memory of good times.  Now, we ask ourselves how we can enjoy those places if our feet are sore. Can we still walk to go to that place where we can see paradise?

I actually thought when it first launched here in the Philippines that FitFlops was just a craze, and it’s going to fade eventually. However, when I got a chance to have it, wear it, and walk with it, I begun to understand why people are actually spending and investing for their FitFlops



My checklist on how I can consider shoes or slippers best were perfected by FitFlops slippers. FitFlops has this soft bouncy feeling when you walk with it.  It’s very supple most especially when you walk. You can really feel that it fits to the curves of your feet and bend every step you take. I actually thought that the technology of Fitflops is that it forms and gets the shape of my feet so I’ll have the most comfortable feel while I walk. 


But then it does not end to FitFlops being supple, soft and comfortable. Those characteristics are just the beginning to a technology that will answer the increasing number of obesity not only here in the Philippines but across the world. I found out that while you’re walking with your Fitflops you’re actually having a workout right there and there!

It’s a toning shoe that gives you a lower torso workout. Who can ever think that shopping can be an exercise! Walking in the mall is workout! Do all these things in a fun and fashionable way! Working out should not be a bore!

Fitflops has a large range of toning foot wear, from slippers, to clogs, to sandals, and to sneakers both for men and women. FitFlops have varieties of great designs and styles, trendy and comfortable.  I can say that this investment for your feet is an investment that will bring you to places that will bring me and you to a place of paradise. 



Now, I believe that yes, FitFlops is trendy and comfortable, fashionable and stylish. I’m convinced that they are the answer to my question “when will I be fit and toned?” So I’m really looking forward to the next write-up that I’m going to do about FitFlops. So I challenge myself that the next picture I’m going to post the next write up about FitFlops would be fitter and toned. Because I believe that working out can simply be just walking!      



You can buy your Fitflops at any FitFlops store, Res-Toe-Run, and many more!

For more information, visit their website  at


FitFlops – have a trendy workout!


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