Rene Requiestas Lookalike Freaks Out Crowd

This Rene Requiestas Lookalike Looks Like the Real Rene


Rene Requiestas lookalike kalokalike showtime


It’s Showtime‘s Kalokalike segment is known for bringing Filipinos who resemble celebrities. Some are okay (making you wonder sometimes where the similarities are), while some are good (making you wonder how they did it). But you probably haven’t seen one this good. On the Thursday run of It’s Showtime, a Rene Requiestas wannabe entered the stage, and he looks exactly like the 90’s comedian who passed away in 1993.

The Rene Requiestas lookalike was Gilbert Orcine, a 51 year old entertainer and stage director from Commonwealth, Quezon City. Aside from his looks, he also copied Rene’s mannerisms and voice. In his segment, he arrived with a birthday cake, because the real Rene was born on the same day of his appearance. He bantered with the hosts, ending it with a kiss by comedian Vice Ganda. For his performance, he sang “Cheetae Ganda Lalake!” from the movie of the same name.

Watch the performance below:



What do you think? Does he look like the real Rene? Share your thoughts below!


This Rene Requiestas Lookalike Looks Like the Real Rene

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