Remembering Jam of “JAMICH”: 10 Videos that Touched our Hearts

Remembering Jam of "JAMICH": 10 Videos that Touched our Hearts

Fans all over the country are still mourning over the loss of  half of the Youtube phenomenon duo, JaMich. Jamvhille Fernando Sebastian, more known as Jam Sebastian, passed away last March 4 due to lung cancer. Together with his fiancée, Paolinne Michelle Liggayu, the couple shot to fame in 2011 through their fun, kilig short films that portray different stories of love, including their own. Let’s relive some JaMich moments and watch these 10 videos that definitely touched our hearts.

Remembering Jam of “JAMICH”: 10 Videos that Touched our Hearts

By Chance

The video that started it all. This where the JaMich love story unfolded. Plus, the You and I dance craze gained the couple more cutie points from fans.

Goodbye Jamich

“I miss you.. I love you..” Here is Jam singing You’re Still the One while bawling his eyes out, longing for Mich’s love. Can’t help but make a fan’s tear fall, too.

What Happened After Goodbye

Nothing can be more relieving and comforting than that “I love you, too” from Mich. Aww :3


5 Years From Now

Could have been JaMich in 5 Years. *cries even more*



For all those stuck in the friendzone. Mag-aminan na lang kasi kayo, before it’s too late. :((


My Nerdy Valentine

Okay lang yun. Tagal na nyan e. Alam ko namang nerd ako e. Pero tingnan mo, binago ko nga yung ayos ng buhok ko eh, tapos nagpaayos pa ako. Okay ba ‘tong porma ko ngayon? Hindi na ba ako, ‘so freaking bad?’”

“Alam mo, kahit hatiin mo pa yang buhok mo sa gitna, at kahit lagi mo pa ‘tong suotin, you are amazing…just the way you are.”


The One

A story inspired by their friends in real life. #feels



High school days. #morefeels


Selfie Song

Created by JaMich, this music video somehow represented the quirkiness of these lovebirds.


The Proposal

Mich made history when she proposed to Jam. Everyone was touched as Mich slowly walked to Jam, as she said the magic words, and presented a ring to her other half.

We love you, Jam. You will forever be in our hearts.



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