Remembering Carrie Fisher one year later: #CarrieOnForever

“I want it reported that I drowned in [the] moonlight, strangled by my own bra.”

This is what our beloved space princess Carrie Fisher came up with for her own obituary in her book Wishful Drinking. Her sudden passing came as a shock to the whole world last year and we were all in disbelief.

Fisher was such a bright spot, constantly fighting mental health stigma, doctoring scripts, and making us all laugh with her delicious humor. Witnessing her light as she walked among us had been such a joy and, despite the sadness, it was almost comforting thinking that, just maybe, she had rejoined the stars.

One year and a new Star Wars film later, it still feels like she’s with us, carrying on. Seeing her onscreen in The Last Jedi was jarring and emotional because it felt as if she was still around and ready to tackle the tail-end of the new trilogy. Inspired by her and the vivacious life she lived, the hashtag #CarrieOnForever began to trend and an outpouring of love for Carrie surfaced on social media.

An especially moving dedication is from Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd. Lourd traveled to Norway to be able to see the northern lights that her mother was so fond of. As if knowing that Lourd was coming, the sky indeed brightened with rich streaks of emerald green, dotted with stars. “I love you times infinity,” she says in her Instagram post. I’m not crying, you are.

Mark Hamill, Fisher’s onscreen brother, and lifelong friend, also contributed to her remembrance. Tweeting photos of the both of them from the beginning of the franchise when they were both still fresh-faced to a picture of them in the current trilogy, he shows that his love for her has spanned literal decades. In both photos, they lean into each other, comforting and affectionate.

“No one’s ever really gone,” he captions his tweet alongside with #AlwaysWithUs and #CarrieOnForever. A friendship forged in space is sure to last.

The legend that is Carrie Fisher lives on in different generations, just like these little girls who found a heroine in her. Sporting her famous hairstyle, they raised their lightsabers out of love for her in this theater. She lives on.

Even Merriam-Webster dictionary subtly showed their love by defining the word “princess” and then adding the hashtag #CarrieOnForever.

Our princess, general, and shining star Carrie Fisher will definitely twinkle on. We remember and honor her memory.


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