LOOK: These Cute Swimsuits Are so Versatile You Can Also Use Them as Loungewear and Activewear!

Now that sunny days are ahead and almost within reach, we bet you’re dreaming of ~sundazed~ moments by the beach once more. Luckily, travel restrictions are now starting to ease up, which means you can now actually start planning your long-anticipated beach trips. But if you can’t do that yet or are planning to sit this summer out too, that’s okay, because with Unda Swimwear, you can instead bring summer to you.

After all, who ever said that bikinis are just for the beach? Unda Swimwear wants to Reimagine Beach Days through their fresh line of swimsuits that can be repurposed, styled, and worn however — and whenever — you feel like it.


This lovely one piece with padded cups is so comfortable, you’d want to wear it all the time. Aside from taking a dip in the pool or beach, we see this as the perfect wear for lounging around especially if you love the feeling of being in a swimsuit, whether at the beach or not.

Heading out? Just throw on a pair of nice denim shorts on top of it and you’re instantly coffee-run ready.

Available in colors Lifeguard (white and red), Salt and Pepper (black and white), and Mint Green and Lilac.

Price: P1,950


Is it a bikini or is it an active wear? The Fonda can definitely be both! We’re obsessed with that high waisted bikini bottom that gives a legit retro roller skater vibe. Or you know, just for your early morning sweat sessions that require you to be in comfy clothes.

Available in colors Powder Blue and Rust, and Salt and Pepper.

Price: Bottom P900, Top P950


On some days we love the added coverage, but nothing says beach days much more than a classic two-piece. We’re loving the color combinations on this one; so soft, playful, and fun. With cute knots in the front, side, and back, the Molly is for days you need to feel the sun on your skin and just have fun.

Available in colors Mint Green and Lilac, Salt and Pepper, and Watermelon.

Price: Bottom P800, Top P950

Whether it’s for an afternoon swim in the pool, a yoga session, a tanning session in your backyard, or perhaps you simply want to feel cute and take pictures, you really don’t have to be at the beach to have an excuse to put on a swimsuit. Reimagine Beach Days with Unda Swimwear, and bring summer wherever you are.

Unda Swimwear ships nationwide and worldwide. Follow them through the links below.

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