Red Pastries Cupcakes are Perfect for Your Sweet Soul

Red Pastries Cupcakes are Perfect for Your Sweet Soul

When in Manila, it seems that every Filipino has a sweet tooth and is always craving for a piece of anything with icing on it. On days when a ton of cupcakes is overwhelming your presence and you want to have a bite out of all of them, though, what do you do? No worries, the proprietor of this start- up company has got you covered as she prepared all of the flavors of these sweet, delicious and mouth-watering cupcakes in easy-to-taste bite sizes. 

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Red Pastries Cupcakes Sampler 


Let’s welcome Red Pastries Cupcakes.

“Why red?” I asked. The answer is happiness. It’s also the favorite color of Red Pastries’ owner, Rejoyce Siy. According to Rejoyce, it’s also the color of passion. From being a corporate employee, she chose to be a baker and an entrepreneur because of her passion for cooking. The owner also believes about the power of Social Media, so invited 15 of us from the online press to attend the media event and we were all amazed by her passion and empowerment.


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Perfect for your wedding day or any other celebration, for that matter.


In collaboration with Nozumi Japanese Casual Dining Restaurant, Red Pastries Cupcakes had its sweet launch where it showcased sweet treats and special surprises for everyone who attended the event . The event was attended by online, print and TV press and it was clear that everybody enjoyed the launch because of the smiles on their faces after the event.

According to the owner, she only uses the freshest ingredients. She also uses mascuvado sugar, which is not the usual choice of other bakers because of how much more it costs compared to other options. However, Rejoyce chose this to give more to the clients, but still with affordable prices. She also added that she tried all of the flavors that she Googled and then mixed and matched them to arrive with the most mouth-watering and most delicious new flavors, like their favorites; Calamansi and Banana cupcakes.


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For Themed Birthday Celebrations


For both Nozumi and Red Pastries, food prices were acceptable and affordable. We left with a memorable dining experience and I will certainly return to try the other dishes. Japanese food for the main course and cupcakes for desserts are partners. The taste of the sweetness plus my favorite Japanese dishes like sushi, tofu and beef are a combination to die for When in Manila. I will surely go back.

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Red Pastries for all



Red Pastries Cupcakes

Palanza Street, Araneta Avenue, Quezon City





Red Pastries Cupcakes are Perfect for Your Sweet Soul


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