Real Life Kilig Proposal Stories that Prove Romance is Not Dead

How do you want to be proposed to? Or how have you always dreamed of proposing to the love of your life?

Asking someone to spend the rest of your lives together is pretty momentous, which is why many of our love-struck friends want to make this moment as special as they can. Really planning ahead, getting help from family and friends, and making sure the whole surprise will be perfect. And we’re not specifically talking about just grand, expensive proposals—we mean even those really simple ones, but are nonetheless filled with details that are significant to the couple and, of course, full of love.

We love us some good romantic stories, so here are four real life kilig proposal stories, as told by the ladies who were on the receiving end of the probably the most wonderful words you’ll ever hear in a relationship: “Will you marry me?”

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4. Reese and Franco, who got engaged at their special spot in Japan

romantic proposal storiesScreenshot from Reese and Franco’s proposal video

“Every year in September we go to Tokyo for his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition where he competes. On September 10, 2018…we just came from seeing the Team Lab Exhibit in Odaiba and it was raining, so I wanted to go back to our AirBnb. Franco insisted that we walk on the Rainbow Bridge (also in Odaiba) and have our photo taken there again just like the year before. I said it was ridiculous because it was raining. He insisted though, saying that the place had a sentimental value for him. He set up the phone camera on the tripod and asked me to pose so he could put the camera on timer and hop in. But when he joined me, my heart started beating so fast. He started giving a speech! And I was like…in my head, “Oh my God, this can’t be!!!!” And then he kneeled. I screamed when he whipped out the ring from his pocket and asked me to marry him. Instead of responding, I screamed some more which made him stand up and hug me. Passersby were already stopping to check what the fuss was about. I told Franco, “You didn’t even wait for my answer! Ask me again.”

So he did, and I said yes.”


3. Lana and Jherson, whose Valentine’s trip turned into an engagement

romantic proposal storiesPhoto from Lana

“It was on December 2018 when he proposed in Chiang Rai (Thailand). I wasn’t expecting anything, and we even got into a little fight hours before. It was because he bought a dress for me and asked me to wear it, even though I said that I shouldn’t because we were going to visit temples. When we got to the temple, the guard did ask me to cover up; good thing I brought extra clothes with me.

So we were at the White Temple in Chiang Rai. At that point I wasn’t in the mood anymore to take pictures, but he kept asking to take group shots with our friends and also photos of us. Still, I wasn’t expecting anything because this is normal when you go on trips. When it was our turn to have our photo taken, and all cameras were on us, I suddenly saw him take out a small, gray box from his pocket. My world suddenly stopped, and he asked me to marry him. I thought, “Is this real? Totoo ba? This person in front of me that I prayed to be mine four years ago is asking me to spend my life with him.” I was speechless. So speechless. This was my dream, my prayer, my happiness.

I thought this was just an ordinary trip for us. A simple Valentine’s gift from him. Never did I imagine that something magical would happen. Sobrang magical.”


2. Ayin and Nico, who got engaged on top of the world

romantic proposal storiesPhoto from Ayin

Kelan ang kasal? I probably heard this a billion times in our relationship and I would just always answer, ‘Ask Nico’ or ‘Wala pa ngang singsing!’ But everytime someone would ask me this, scenarios of the proposal would play inside my head. Admittedly, I even marked several special occasions on my calendar and made sure that I had the perfect manicure on that day. Valentines, my birthday, summer outing, anniversary, Christmas, New Year, his birthday, or any random day.

I waited too long for this day to come. I thought he would propose on our anniversary trip to Siargao, but he didn’t. I was so hopeful that I actually felt brokenhearted. Mostly because I went prepared and even had gel polish done! Ang mahal nung pa-gel polish lol.

But come November 14, we were at Mt. Ugo. It was my first major hike. We woke up at 5:20 for the sunrise. I got up to prepare breakfast, but eventually went back inside the tent because it was so cold. Later, Nico came in to call me, ‘Ga, sunrise na.‘ It took me a while to go out because I wanted to make sure my eyebrows were on fleek for the photos! While were finally taking photos with the sunrise behind us, suddenly, Nico said ‘Ga, ga, will you marry me?’ I couldn’t answer right away! I just started sobbing! Nico was just standing there when he took out the ring. I told him, ‘luhod ka muna hahaha’. Nico doesn’t like making scenes. But I couldn’t stop crying, so people were starting to look. Finally, he kneeled, and that was it. I said yes.”


1. Lorraine and Colin, who got engaged while tandem surfing

romantic proposal storiesPhotos from Lorraine

“The day when the engagement happened. I though it was odd how Colin was asking me to wear a bright colored bikini when we were to go tandem surfing that day. I also noticed how he was pacing around a lot and kept making comments about the clouds.

Off we went into the water. We did a couple of moves and had our usual photographer around, so I thought nothing out of the ordinary. On one wave we caught, Colin kept asking if I was ready for our special move. Tandem surfing is a lot like dancing. We need to feel and count to know when to transition from one move to the other. So he kept saying ‘get ready for the special move’ and I was waiting for the command after the countdown.

He goes, ‘OK! In 3..2…1!’ And then twists me so that I’m facing him. I see he’s trying to surf for us while in a kneeling position. He said, ‘Will you marry me?’

Now silly me…I wasn’t processing the ‘command’! I was still waiting to get carried or lifted up in the air. I think I said, ‘Yeah, but what’s the special move?!’ So he was like, ‘Alriiiight. Let’s try this again!’

We catch another wave and he tells me to get ready, in 3..2..1, twists me around, and asks me—again—if I’ll marry him. I said, ‘Of course! But what is the special move??’ It was only until he brought out the ring did I start crying…I was so slow on the uptake!! But once that ring was on, I was so happy and giddy.

Now I have this story to laugh and gush about with how long it took me to realize what he was doing. ?”


*Some responses have been translated from Tagalog, and have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Do you know any more couples with super kilig, romantic, or grand proposal stories? Or maybe you experienced this yourself? Tell us your story in the comments!

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