READ: Wedding photographer shares sentiments about this father & daughter moment at the aisle

It’s an emotional journey for parents who “give away” their son or daughter away, particularly when they’re about to get married. For Mr. Pedro Villarin, not only was it an emotional struggle but also a physical one – being sick did not stop him from walking his beautiful daughter down the aisle with his wife.

Wedding photographer Law Tapalla captured such a tender moment and could not help but feel emotional, just like everyone else who was in attendance at Mark and Charlotte’s wedding.

Tapalla shared his sentiments to WHEN IN MANILA.

It was a moment that everyone was anticipating. The wedding was rescheduled months earlier, so that Mr. Villarin can walk her daughter on her wedding day.

All of us at the wedding knew this moment (Mr. Villarin walking her down) would happen, but it was a different feeling to be able to witness it first hand – to see the strength of a father that wanted to bring his daughter to the altar, even if he was having a difficult time with his current health condition.  

I think almost all of us at the chapel got teary-eyed or bried when Charlotte (the bride) kissed him and grasped Mr. Villarin’s hand. It was a heartwarming moment. Halong ngiti at luha yung makikita mo. They walked ’til the end of the aisle and met up with Mark, our groom.

My team and I were tasked to take photos of their wedding day. But when you see something like this, it becomes more of a privilege. We are given a chance to capture moments that are irreplaceable and once in a lifetime for our dear clients. We’re again reminded of why we do and love our job being wedding photographers – and our photos will tell their story.

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