READ: This woman uses pet products for her hair — and swears by it!

Men and women alike know the pain of going through mountains of hair products in the futile search for just the right brand. We all have a list of properties that have to be ticked off before deeming it acceptable.

The product should make your hair soft, but also thick. It should give it volume, but not too much that it frizzes up. There has to be a shine to your hair, but it can’t stray too close to being oily. An overabundance of demands makes finding the perfect product just impossible.

But what if we’ve been looking in all the wrong places? Maybe instead of the shampoo aisle in the grocery, it was the local pet store we should’ve been visiting all along.

Dra. Joanna Dy’s story certainly points to that conclusion. She shares that in a moment of desperation (otherwise known as a haircut gone wrong), she was ready to try anything to fix the problem. Having noticed her fiance’s use of the pet brand Saint Roche as hair products she wondered if it could possibly help her hair grow faster.

Her fiance’s absolute faith in the products pushed her to try their conditioner. It wasn’t as if it could make it any worse, right? While she never answers if the conditioner made her hair grow quicker, she credits it with making her hair “smooth, soft and [with] so much volume.”

While I’m no expert, copious amounts of research for my own dog has led me to believe that pet products are made healthier than our own. Our pets are so much more sensitive to chemicals than us. They also rely on the nutrition of these products to a greater extent. It only makes sense that their grooming products are actually of better quality.

And as Dra. Joanna’s fiance explains, Saint Roche, in particular, has ingredients like keratin proteins, argan oil, and collagen to soften and strengthen the hair. Taking that all into account, the switch to dog shampoo is starting to make a lot of sense.

HOW I ENDED UP USING PRODUCTS FOR DOGS! – Dra. Joanna DyLast year when my fiancé Robie and I got together, my…

Posted by Saint Roche Premium Organic Dog Shampoo on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Here’s a copy of the full post:


Last year when my fiancé Robie and I got together, my hairstyle was still a Pixie cut; It was very short. I then decided that I would grow it but my hair is usually stubborn and it takes a very long time to grow.

One day, when I visited his condo to workout with him, I took a shower in his bathroom and it was when I realized there were no hair products for human, but just for dogs. Robie has always been eccentric at times, so I just asked him why?

He said “Love, I know for a fact that Saint Roche really has great quality. It’s Ph-Levels are really balanced, it’s really safe and hypoallergenic, and I know for a fact that it delivers the promise! It know for a fact that it has the world’s greatest formulation.”

So then I asked him “will the conditioner make my hair grow faster?”

He replied “Love, dogs hair is more complicated the human hair. They require more attention and care” and then he got technical “Saint Roche has collagen that helps repair damaged hair, that the hair needs to be repaired first before it should be nourished. Then he talked about keratin proteins and argan oil. That it has a three step beautification process”

I know Robie, when he really believes in something he can go on and on for hours. So instead of listening to him I ust asked him for a Saint Roche conditioner so that I could try it.

I know this may sound like an advertisement, but this is an honest-to-goodness post. My hair became smooth, soft and had so much volume. This was my photo from December 2017 to July 2018 (7 months). I’ve been using Saint Roche conditioner for 7 months and I never expected my hair to grow this fast.

I’m not saying that you should use it for yourself, all I’m saying is that it if can make my hair this beautiful then it would do more for your dogs. So there!

Would you be willing to try out pet products on yourself?

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