READ: The 3C’s Hoomans Can Learn From Cats

Aside from being all cute and furry, our feline companions can actually show us a thing or two in life.

Through their unusual, and sometimes weird actions, we get to see the wonders and majesty of cats. The combination of their sweet and defiant personalities make us love them even more. Plus, we don’t see them going around sad, troubled, hopeless and restless. Isn’t it dreamy to live a life like cats?

Well, don’t you worry because here are the 3C’s that we, plain hoomans, can learn from cats. These three lessons will help us live a life of joy, adventure and happiness just like our purring paw babies.

3. Carefree

Just like cats who do anything they want, be carefree. Let go of your inhibitions and worries. Release yourself from the rules and conventions that tie you up. Accept who you really are and embrace your true nature, even if that means pushing glass wares off the table.

Live a carefree life just like cats.

cats in Manila meownila 8

2. Confident

Be confident. Flaunt your assets, wing that cat eye and smile. Walk into the room without bothering yourself with what people may think about you. Wag your invisible fluffy tails and do the cat walk. Always believe in yourself and that you can do anything you want, be it jumping high or chasing mice.

Live confidently just like cats.

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1. Curious

A curious cat is a cat full of wisdom. Open yourself to new experiences, new lessons and new skills. Don’t be afraid to try something new because as they said, you only fail when you don’t try. Seize opportunities and make the most out of all the chances you can get. Learn from a cat who goes for it, whatever it is and no matter how dangerous it may be.

Live a curious life just like cats.

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These three 3 C’s when put up together will help you enjoy and seize your life to the fullest, because unlike cats, you only have one. ┬áBe carefree, confident and curious and live like a cat!

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