WATCH: Hilarious Jobs Only Cats Can Purr-fectly Do

Whoever said that cats don’t do much have never been more wrong.

Like most of us, they also have jobs. The only difference is that they are naturally good with it. Cats do more than just eating and napping all day, in fact they play vital and extremely cute roles in our lives.

Here’s a video made by Shorty and Kodi showing some of the services that the feline workforce offers.

From rank-and-file up to executive positions, and even in the field of the sciences, our feline friends are hard at work. They can be Office Su-purr-visors who give you affectionate purrs as you work on your tasks and they can also open letters and boxes so that you can see important parcels immediately.

Remember that time when your cat was pushing your lipstick off the table? Yup, he was just checking for gravity.

Which of the following is your cat’s job? Tell us in the comments.