READ: Netizen’s realization after witnessing ice cream vendor braving Typhoon Domeng

It’s official. Rainy season has arrived in the Philippines, according to PAGASA. Heavy rains continue to persist in the country, with Typhoon Domeng in town.

Parañaque City resident Jericho Laceda was able to share on his Facebook his realization on how blessed he is to be safe and warm in natural disasters like these times.

The post’s rough translation:

I know how it’s like, the kind where you can’t do anything except continue the life you’re in now.

Now, you may be complaining about your life? Not until you see this.

Tell your struggle to people who struggle more than you, and you will realize how blessed your life is.

Laceda tells WHEN IN MANILA that he posted the photo because he wanted to inspire others.

Si tatay, nakakaawa. Pero [naniniwala ako] may ibang taong maiinspire sa kanya.

(I felt sorry for the old man. But I believe there are other people that could be inspired by him.)

Stay safe and dry, everyone!

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