READ: Netizen Shares Scary Experience Along Daang Hari Road

A reader sent us their scary experience while they were driving along Daang Hari Road. According to the reader, who asked for full anonymity for security purposes, the horrifying experience happened yesterday (midnight) after their quick getaway in Tagaytay.

He and his friends were traversing Daang Hari road around 3 AM when they heard a loud noise defined as a “flat tire.” His friend pulled over to the side and supposedly check the tire but the reader was quick to remember the alleged scam stories he had read online. So, he followed his instincts and had asked his friend to just continue driving. Fortunately, they saw a Petron Gas station, so they stopped and reassessed the car. Surprisingly, one of the tires at the back was completely flat.

They asked the gasoline boys to help them replace the flat tire with their spare one. Shocked and disturbed, the reader told the gasoline boy:

nakakatakot dito prang modus ata to, mdame ba nsisiraan dyan?”

The reader wrote: “they replied, “madame dyan” in a very low voice and didn’t expound it anymore.”

alleged scam in daang hari

As described by the reader: “they said it in a mahinang boses and they dont give much info na they just focused on fixing the tire.”

The reader, however, expected the gasoline boys to speak up, at least share stories so the public would know.

What i expected for them to say if these kinds of events have happened many times, they could be more at least informative or give us advice on the happenings before if ever.

Meanwhile, 2 men wearing a black jacket in a motorcycle parked near their car. One of them walked near the reader and his friends and suddenly asked what happened to the car. The gasoline boys who heard him were quiet and didn’t respond. So, they felt like “maybe they knew the alleged scammers.”  As stated, they were suspicious as one of the boys was texting whilst looking at the car. The reader immediately locked the car and decided to stay at the gasoline station until 5:40 AM.

Read the whole message below:

Late evening ng Sunday me, my gf and 2 of my High school friends went ro tagytay for catching up and road trip ndn. We left tgaaytay Around 3am Monday Morning para umuwi na kami. Me and my gf sat on the back of the driver seat sa gitna then HS friends ko sa harap, SUV ung sskyan. One of my HS friend was the deiver, we used the Daang Hari route ang dilim and konte lang dumadaan medyo wrong choice kami taht time. After we passed on All Home Daang hari biglang tumunog n prang putok yung sa bandang gulong s likod. I checked muna inside baka may nalaglag lang sa gamit namin. Yung Hs friend ko nag pull over, bababa na sya dpt ng bglang prang may kumlabit sakn na Wag kasi ang dilim dilim ng paligid at knkbhan kmi. so Snbe ko na Wag! umalis n tayo agad bilis!! so we drove until we reached the Petron Gas station. There we saw yung left back side ng gulong ay flat. as in flat na, ntakot kami kasi ambilis na bumagsak nung yung hangin kasi if it was just a nail or pako it shouldnt be that flat na we said. so The gas boys exchange the flat tire to our spare tire na nakakabit sa likod na pintuan ng sasakyan. Nung natanggal yung Flat tire we saw 2 shots of Nails. yung isa nakabaon pa ang pako and yung isa which is strange ay butas lang na ka size ng nail.(well hndi namin alam if nail tlga yung nkaabutas but magkasize sya). What we found strange pa is the gas boys dont give much comment or reaction on the incident, we asked them “nkktakot dto prang modus ata to, mdame ba nsisiraan dyan?” what they replied was “madme dyan” and they said it in a mahinang boses and they dont give much info na they just focused on fixing the tire. What i expected for them to say if these kinds of events have happened many times, they could be more atleast informative or give us advice on the happenings before if ever, we just fiund it strange. Eventually 2 men wearing black jacket in a motor parked near on our car, one of them walked near us and asked “Anung nangyre?”.(this time we are jsut placing a cover on the back of our car dun sa flat tire, hndi nila nakita na nagpalit ng gulong. but nag cocover nalang kami nung flat tire sa likod na nakakabit na sa car). 2 Gas boys na malpt sknya hndi sya pinansin at sinagot even us, i locked the car kasi nsakn susi, pra samin it was strange for him to ask, and my gf noticed that he is texting while staring in our car. on the event that we are about to leave the 2 motor men left, magksabay pa sila. Then knabahan na kami thinking na pwede na kami bantayan dun sa dadaanan namin eh super dilim dn. so my gf suggested to stay on Petron Gas hanggang mag umaga and left around 5.40am nung maliwanag na.. I hope that this could be a lesson sa mga mambabasa, we alwys have to be alert always lalo na sa madidilim na lugar. What were thinking kung hndi tumagal pa kami nung nag pull over kami for sure na holdap kami or worst pasukin kami sa sasakyan or tutukan ng baril. Nung nsa Gas station kami, baka minaman manan na kami nun at kung dumeretso kami nun na at hndi nagpaumaga for sure hinarangan at binantayan na kami. Habang nsa petron kami nagbasa basa kami sa online ng mga kwento dto sa daang hari. ang dameng klaseng modus pala sa daang hari at kdalasan tlga ay Finaflatan nila ng gulong mga biktima nila. We always have to be alert at magisip wag mag panic. Pag may narinig kayong tumunog hbang nagddrive wag ttigil sa madilim na lugar. Iniisip pa namin kung pako ang nakatusok sa gulong bakit tumunog n prang nagkalampangan sa likod na gulong. Iniiisip namin na yung pako ay nakakabit sa Kahoy pra nakatayo ung pako at makatusok. At yung kumalampag yung kahoy na nakakbit. marami kaming naiisip at speculations pero lahat yun possibleng mangyre kung hndi tayo magiingat.. hop this will serve as a Public Advisory. wag tayo padala sa mga modus nila. alerto tayo dpt. Godbless all
Sadly, this alleged scam also happened to my friend a year after it was built. They live in Ayala Alabang and coming from Tagaytay, they thought Daang Hari was the most convenient and cheapest route rather than SLEX and paying the toll. They also heard a loud noise and checked if one of the tires got flat. When they pulled over to check it, four men in motorcycles suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They drove fast and luckily they arrived home safely. Since then, my friend swore that she will not use Daang Hari “forever.”
For those who do not know, Daang Hari Road was built in 2003 to help alleviate traffic in the Metro. Most of the motorists use the road as an alternative route going to Alabang, Cavite, and Tagaytay. Moreover, the place is not well lit, so make sure you have sufficient gas, be mindful of your surroundings, and please don’t drive at night alone, unless, deemed necessary. Essentially, the road is not a bad road, it’s just not developed yet. I’m sure the place will flourish soon.

This is the reason why I’m one with James Deakin’s appeal to have the installation of dash cameras mandatory. The dash cam, also known as, dashboard camera has become a necessity now for every vehicle owner. Ideally, dashcam’s benefits aren’t just used to capture bad incidents but also the good deeds you see along the way.

Ultimately, getting yourself a dashcam is a great investment for your own safety and should you require legal pieces of evidence.

Have you experienced the same thing along Daang Hari? Could this be another horrifying modus or scam? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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