READ: Just The Funniest Tweets About Troye Sivan In The Philippines

So, just a quick recap of the week: Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan was spotted by fans casually walking around in a certain mall in Manila. No announcements, no concert. He was just there.

And after a lot of speculations about whether or not it was actually him that was seen in Manila, he finally confirmed on Twitter that he did indeed slip in and out of the Philippines.

Naturally, fans of the Youth singer went on an actual frenzy at the news of his sudden appearance in Manila. This had a lot of people turn to Twitter to share their thoughts on #TroyeSivanInManila. And because we Pinoys are just super funny, we’ve got a lot of fun stuff going around Twitter because of it.

Check out some of our favorite tweets about Troye Sivan’s sudden visit to Manila:

There’s literally a thousand ways to react to Troye’s visit to the Philippines.

Yup, Troye Sivan just gave us a whole new standard of being a music star.

I’m sure we all lowkey want to be as lowkey as Troye.

And finally, we now have the answer to Enrile’s immortality.

Have you seen any funny tweets lately? Share it with us!