READ: Here’s What Mocha Uson Has To Say About Regina Belmonte’s Tweets

Reading news about Mocha Uson is probably not that uncommon anymore, but how about reading newspaper-published articles written by Mocha?

Just recently, The Philippine Star welcomed her as one of the new columnists of the 30-year old broadsheet. While some people lauded this move, there were also some who were appalled at the decision, including The Philippine Star President Miguel Belmonte’s daughter, Regina Belmonte.

In line with this, Regina publicly posted tweets of her disapproval and disappointment over the decision, to which Mocha quickly responded to.

Here’s the full post:

To mam Regina Belmonte (Daughter of the President of Philippine Star)

Mam I’m sorry if you don’t like me. Ako po ay HINDI JOURNALIST and I don’t deserve to be part of your Family’s Newspaper at isa sa natutunan ko po sa buhay ay eto , “all come from dust, and to dust all return”. Hindi po ako kapit tuko sa kahit ano mang bagay, tao o kalalagayan sa buhay. At kung nais po ng pamunuan ng Philippine Star na ako po ay hindi magtuloy I WILL STILL BE GRATEFUL for being considered to write and express the cry of the ordinary people. I will not have any bitterness towards you and the paper because your family owns it. Salamat po. God bless you and your family.

Mocha’s first article in the newspaper came out last November 8, 2016 where she wrote, “Like you, I have the right to speak, to express my opinions and to fight for what I believe in.”

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