READ: FTW Foundation Provides Free Tech Courses for Young Women

Words by Kelly Punzalan

We’re all well aware of the stereotypes and discrimination that women face in their careers, most especially in the field of tech. It is undoubtedly a man’s world and women almost always have to work five or even ten times harder than their male counterparts. The fact that women are a minority group in the labor force makes them even more vulnerable. In the Philippines, only around 50% of the working-age women are a part of the workforce, and 40% of those women are employed in unstable jobs. Paired with limited quality education, this doesn’t give them much opportunity for growth and ultimately leaves them at a very disadvantaged position.


The founders of FTW Foundation or For The Women Foundation saw the economic challenges that Filipino women experience and sought to address this pressing problem through the establishment of their scholarship program. They want to give financially disadvantaged women a fighting chance in this fast-paced economy by providing them with valuable skill sets. The tech industry in the Philippines is growing rapidly and so is the demand for employees with a background in Digital Marketing and Data Science, which are precisely the courses that FTW Foundation offers for free.

FTW’s scholars all have very diverse backgrounds including fresh college grads, mothers reentering the workforce, women who are having trouble finding employment, and women who wish to upskill to further their careers. There are no strict requirements so as long as you are a woman who has gone through at least two years of college, you could be the next FTW Scholar!

Once accepted into their program, scholars will undergo 72 hours or more of rigorous training and will become a part of a supportive community of highly-motivated women. Aside from the training provided, FTW also introduces career opportunities for women who successfully complete the program. The average offer for FTW’s Data Science scholars is PHP 46,817 per month just four weeks after graduation!

FTW Batch 1 Scholars

FTW Foundation is doing amazing things for the economic empowerment for Filipino women. If you want to know more about their advocacy or are perhaps interested in learning tech skills, you may visit their website and social media pages.

FTW Foundation

World Plaza Tower, 5th Avenue

0945 338 8455

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