Random Acts of Kindness: Police Officer Feeds Hungry Children

It’s always an awesome feeling catching someone doing an act of kindness, regardless of who this person is. Few days ago, Vance Dela Cruz caught a police officer doing what everyone (not just officers) should be doing, and sharing a little of her blessings with the less fortunate. Though some might contest that this is part of her job to take care of others, let’s remember that no one is forcing her to do it. She fed these kids out of the kindness of her heart and nothing more. Salute to you ma’am!

“Natuwa lang ako kanina nung pag pasok ko ng 7/11 Carmen, May mga batang namamalimos sa labas tapos may nakasabayan akong pulis na babae sa pagpasok ko nagulat ako kasi pinapasok niya lahat ng mga batang nakaupo sa gilid para pakainin pagkatapos pinayuhan niya wag magnakaw at iba pa may ganito pa palang tao ???? Gj sir.”

Random Acts of Kindness

Rough English Translation:

“I was so happy earlier when I entered 7-11 Carmen. There were these children begging for alms outside the store. I was surprised to see that when the police woman went in, she also invited all the children seated outside to enter. She then gave them some food and reminded them not to steal amongst others. I didn’t know there were still people like her. Good job sir.”

What do you think of this officer’s act of kindness toward the children?


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