Rackshack Is Not Your Ordinary Rib Joint

Great meats, board games and a wide range of sauces — Rackshack is definitely not your ordinary rib joint.

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Amidst the various smokehouses that have opened around the city, allow Rackshack to change how you view ribs, offering a fun and interactive experience for their diners.

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After all, ribs is usually a meal that’s shared with friends and loved ones, and a great bonding experience. Rackshack is presenting the way ribs should be — fun and unpretentious!

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Owner Chukri Prieto says, “Rackshack is basically Racks’ cooler younger brother.

While Racks caters to families and the more traditional set, Rackshack is a lot more laidback ,it’s fast casual. Everything that we couldn’t do at Racks, we took it and did a lot of fun with here at Rackshack.”

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Although Rackshack is a ribs place, their Crack Fried Chicken is seriously good.

Opening recently at SM Aura, Rackshack is Racks’ “cool younger brother”, and is quickly shaping up to be the newest hangout place to unwind after work or to meet up with friends!

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Take a load of special activities to look forward to such as a Treat or Dare dart board — where, depending on where your dart lands, you can let your friend treat you, or dare them to do something crazy! There’s also a special life-sized beer pong, Foosball, and some pretty cool board games. Do them to pass the time while waiting for your food, or just stay for them altogether!

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Rackshack 13 e1508773350289You can pair your ribs with local craft beer Engkanto.

At Rackshack, interestingly enough, the star is their wide range of unlimited sauces, which has something for everyone. You can pour them all over your meats, or drizzle your nachos and other dishes with them!

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Mother Sauce, Rackshack’s signature house blend — mild, sweet, and ridiculously good; Spicy Mother Sauce, an extra hot version of the mother sauce for those who want to turn the heat up; Hoisin Sauce, a burst of Asian flavors with a spicy kick; Carolina Gold, for mustard lovers who enjoy the blend of sweet and tangy flavors; Kansas Sauce, a sticky and spicy blend. Pick your favorite, or mix and match!

Check out the other dishes we tried:

Ridiculous Nachos

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By the name alone, you know it’s going to be an overload of awesome toppings: there were onion rings, sausage bites, pulled pork, cheese, salsa, olives, and other indulgent items that made this totally mouthwatering. We also recommend trying the fries!

Street Corn Salad

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Rackshack takes influences from different cuisines around the world, and the Street Corn Salad is a fun and tasty take on the Mexican street dish.

Groupie Platter

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Of course, no order can ever be complete without the Groupie Platter, a sampler of the best meats Rackshack has to offer. Choose among Texas Hot Links, Pulled Pork, and their Pork Ribs. Beef dishes to come soon!

Crack Fried Chicken

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Although Rackshack is primarily a ribs place, they’ve definitely outdone themselves with their Crack Fried Chicken. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, they are so good that they could definitely hold their own! Dip a piece in their classic gravy, or douse them in one of the house sauces!

Garlic Creole Shrimp

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Inspired by Louisiana cuisine, the Garlic Creole Shrimp was actually generous in serving and cooked just right. The shrimp was also well-seasoned, being herby, salty, and just a hint of spicy at the same time.


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Another Mexican-influenced dish, the Carnitas, when pulled apart, were just as tender as the pulled pork dish, but the best part about the dish were the crispy edges.

Brownie S’mores

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To cap off the meal, get ahold of their Brownie S’mores, which is a sure-fire winner for any bona fide dessert lover. The cake underneath it is moist and just the right amount of chocolate-y, with a sprinkling of crushed grahams, and topped with a generous serving of marshamallow, caramel and chocolate sauce. Order this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side!


Level 5, The Sky Park, SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Open daily from 10AM to 11PM