R Kelly Goes All Out in Wooing Her Girl (New Music Video)

R Kelly goes back on-air, not as a singer, but as an ordinary guy singing his way back to his ex’s heart on his new music video “Radio Message”. Cheesy huh, and not exactly original I may say lol. But at least his smooth R&B vocals make up for it.



Come to think of it, R Kelly portrays the typical do*che ex who would come up with the most absurd creative ways to make up with his girlfriend. And it’s like in the end, gf says, “Okay, enough with the silly act. You’re forgiven.” Awww, how romantic… not.


To the guys: If you were faced with the same situation, are you willing to go as far as R. Kelly did in this video? (regardless if your voice is crappy lol)


To the girls: His R Kelly-ish charm might work wonders for you anytime, but like they always say, it doesn’t guarantee that he will never cheat on you again. Just a heads-up.