Quids Night Out: The Best Way to End 2017!

Article by Annika Villarroel / Photography by Josh Trinidad

NEWSFLASH: We’re down to our final month of 2017! If you’ve been glued to your couch busy binge-watching Stranger Things or crawling your way through finals season, welcome back to the real world. Whether you’ve absolutely loved or loathed this year, there’s just no better way of giving yourself (or maybe your barkada and/or significant other) a fantastic bonding session complete with amazing music and some drinks than with a music fest!

Take that #supportlocal to the next level!

The event showcased musical staples, such as Orange and Lemons, Oh, Flamingo!, Autotelic, IV of Spades, The Ransom Collective and of course, Rob & The Hitmen to celebrate the fantastic night! But all in all, Quids Night Out had an astonishing 21 acts to play on their stage!

Iv of Spades

Orange and Lemons

Join the Club

Although Quid’s Night Out actually started at around 2pm at B-side, The Collective the relaxed yet excited vibe of the concert goers was definitely palpable in the air. Incredibly talented artists such Ben&Ben and Cheats set the mood for their fans to eagerly chant alongside their favourite acts!



To add on to Quid Pro Quo’s first anniversary celebration, concert goers were sent into high spirits with free flowing drinks from 2-7 pm courtesy of Tanduay Rum and raffle prizes such as the  Kingsley Designer Fabric Bluetooth speakers by the end of the night.

Carousel Casualties

There’s absolutely no better way to end the year than supporting and enjoying live quality music from our very own local acts! Be sure not to miss epic nights and memories from Quid Pro Quo’s upcoming productions for the year ahead!

Who was your favourite band this 2017? Tell us in the comments below!

Quid Pro Quo

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